Sunday, November 17, 2013

Pinocchio and A Divergence Of One In Many

Some Thoughts On Naive Realities

One of the primary definitions human beings utilize to define themselves as apart from other living species is the behaviorism of tool making, the craftsmanship of adaptation to the environment and this post reflects on that this tool making is not confined to synthesizing..something that is very rarely commented upon when we simply raw materials of an equally material nature but also tool making within the provinces of the mind. This aspect of tool making is very rarely commented upon, especially in our own epoch that emphasizes technology above discernment.

I suppose the term in the title of this post could mean either a cross roads of alternatives or a singularity that entangles the sort holography that reminds me of looking through a kaleidoscope. The human being as not one but a legion, a stew of associations that can be likened to a crew that never rests, a sort of autonomic babble that peculates like a hot springs that cracks the surface , infusing the air with steam, that ephemeral stuff of dreams. I recall two exercises from a certain school in which I was essentially positioned to experiment upon myself. One was to take a watch in hand and look at the second hand clicking down the seconds and, at the same time, determine for how long I could halt the flow of associations...and of course I failed in several attempts but it impressed on me, just how much my consciousness resembled a player piano, with "no one" in particular directing this sort of internal traffic of ping pong verbiage.
Duly noted is the resemblance to the structure of most dreams.

If associations were captures in a old style movie projector that utilised a linear strip of film of associations and it was hand cranked to produce this flow of compounded links and I proceeded to crank this "film" in a backward circular motion..what would I see?
I do suspect that we live now in an eternity of a very strange sort and so I suspect my little film is running backward and forward simultaneously in terms of whatever referents I am using to overlay the architecture of time, which is also comprised to give the appearance of this cycling of day to night  in the same rotational forward motion when it is essentially a biological adaptation that resides in the pineal gland geared to these sign posts..I can well imagine R. A Wilson calling all this an expression of the naive multiplicity of the realities as sign posts that I am immersed within, sort of like Pinocchio who wanted to become more than a toy.
Then there is the metaphor of AI

And yet I am struck by how we edit, beg, borrow and steal what we assume ourselves to be as if we were dealing with entirely original material, only unique to ourselves as if it arose from nowhere in particular.
This is a question, as I mentioned in a previous post that begs at the skirts of nature for the purpose of these millions of little hamlets of the mind all working and weaving variability from essentially the same material all existing on the surface of an isthmus between possibilities, and then as I inserted Les McCann and Ediie Harris in the last post who said the point is "trying to make it real compared to what.."
Yet the historical external world of manipulated surfaces, ingrained illusions and denial has a life of it's own as the Gnostic would say, the work of a Demiurgic conspiracy that parallels the view of the Earth and all planets as living creatures termed Angels, and in this, there is no human morality to be seen, only the needs of these biological and\ or energetic states of being arrayed in all their phases of evolution from Mars to our own "Peacock Angel", the Earth where one hand feeds the other,we being encapsulated in a dream state to be sheared like sheep,but one not dare go to far in usurping the hierarchy.. of the arrangement or you can end up either in a straight jacket or be crucified in as many ways as you would care to imagine...or one is termed overly imaginative or becomes an artist that attempts to make these divergences meet in an act of creation that is also self creation. All of these associations seemingly create in their sum total, discernment and if I roll that film backward the earliest metaphysical "links" in a causal chain, I then am at a text called "The Crest Jewel of Discrimination" wherein the text explains the essential Gordian knot of confusing a description with what is described.
I supposed the bottom line to all this is the search for freedom underscored by pragmatic optimism.
And so it may come as no surprise that one of my interests is the restoration of old toys that to me signify both the illusions of the autonomic universe we are pulled by that create such a compelling storylne, we seemingly occupy a semi-permanent state of self hypnosis aided and abetted by the reinforcements of our biology geared toward a higher being, this creature called Earth.And yet, humanity has a sort of craftsmanship to the stage props that constitute how our lives our spent based upon the loan of occupying our orientation and so we inhabit a toy world that seemingly yearns to become something else..


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