Tuesday, November 19, 2013

From Whom To What: The Metaphor of Extraterrestrials Applied To Ghost Phenomenon

No Longer Whom But What

Whatever aspects of ourselves that appears unique or individuated from a common mold as a species, and in the last post I suggested that our cognisance of ourselves and the historical and external world we occupy is more of an artistic creation than a state, more metaphor than identifiable, well, where does that lead? If the self is a invention lodged between autonomic responses, imagination and necessity as a navigational aid to what we seem to be, and nothing more than this, then, what are we? What is at the root of the human being? It may be the creation of distinctions as the measurement of relationships external and internal that meet in a third state yet to be identified by awareness.I suspect this goes well beyond what we call the transpersonal to the point where this sort of self organisation has transcended what we define as being human, which I suspect is disconcerting to some. It may be the case for what we term ghosts who  are a metaphor rooted in experiential references that have a unique signature, a life among the living but if this is so, it must be apparent if there is any self awareness involved within a third state that has reconciled the exterior and interior parallel universes, that this self awareness, more of a distinction..must realise” it “is no longer human. This singularity that is neither exteriorised or interiorised may go a long way as to why some conjecture that environments may contain human memories and yet that is paradoxical in the sense that when EVP equipment is used as a google search engine, correspondences can arise that are uncanny. To put it simply, the energy in the environment is entangled with the energy of information in this third state to produce effects that seemingly are situated in a non local environment that yet is rooted in the arrangements that produced them.

Energy and Information In A Transitional Spectrum

Anyone who has studied physics formally will immediately tell you that everything one encounters from a stalagmite to a frog is electromagnetic in nature and so it is with what we call consciousness as perhaps if the universes methodology to explore itself and so counted by the human trillions, we have an aggregate sum of an energetic distinctions melded into an equal number of points of observation that comprise a probe which is also a singularity into determining what it's nature may be. If this is so, perhaps there is more than one platform of observation that is as much of an isthmus as we currently occupy, not so much of a distinction of perspective as more representative of a spectrum of states one enfolded into the other as transitional toward self organisational processes. The point of my mentioning this is the energetic nature of the shared anomalies of ghost and so called "extraterrestrial" manifestations that may not have a purpose that resembles our defining of the term. This is in direct contradiction to most "extraterrestrial" theories that involve the apparitions that are demarcated by the term "Ufology" That same physics student will inform us that energy and information are the Janus faces of a singularity beyond it's electromagnetic nature and of course we have both the anomalies of Ufology and Ghost phenomenon exhibiting strange atmospheric energy signatures that effect the instrumentation and \ or devices in the midst of their accompanying state which appears to be neither material or immaterial.

Cryptoterrestials, Non Material Extraterrestrials and The Ghosts of Distinctions

When I wrote the extended essay that attempted to place what I suspected what was happening with any number of anomalies superimposed on the theory presented by Mac Tonnies, I was influenced by a series of correspondences with Dr Colm Kelleher, who was then the head of research for Robert Bigelow’s foray into anomalies. He conveyed a conversation he had with a Siberian shaman who thought that these atmospherically based intrusions were in effect the influence of the dead, more specifically, those who had been tortured and suffered extraordinary burdens which translates into another dimension or state that of all attributes that are human defies description the tonality of high emotional states. Another influence was the reportage of John Keel who suspected much the same although applying the term demonic to ufological reports as a placeholder word that lacks any substantive definition seemed a bridge too far. Demonic seems to describe an emotional realm of a heightened state rather than a specific creature unless we consider emotions to be independent of ourselves.
There are the states of observers that when analysed appear to have a correspondence to a deconstructive element such as depression, a string of bad luck and even extending to tt those who have a more intuitive emotional read of their immediate environment. All of this seems to be one of the cuts made into the key I mentioned of parallel states that create cycles as well as unpredictability. One arbiter of several into the manifest expressions reported by observers.  The also apparent connection is present to the previously mentioned referents of those who were human and now find what they are to be categorically  entangled in the distinctions they created while dimensionally in a state that is neither exteriorised or interiorised..it makes for an interesting geometric puzzle from our vantage point of three apparent dimensions as well as the divide or perhaps biology that separates the inside from the outside from our orientation as a perspective fraught with the experiential bias we carry as luggage when we consider this third state.

The Borrowers

Some time ago I noted that nearly every close encounter with alleged extraterrestrials were termed as such simply by appearance alone and that every cycle of the non verbal and very visual apparitional aspect of these encounters appeared to me to be parasitic to our own references influenced by the technology that served as an embodiment of what was reported to be seen. It was if the observers pockets of self references were borrowed to express what is patently a non purposeful engagement signifying nothing more than a presence that defied locality, if one studies the behaviorism of this.
The metaphor of vehicles comes to mind as well as the signifying multidimensional aspect of what was once human confined to a container that colored a clear odorless liquid by the very containment of distinctions, now may be manipulating them to signify a non local sentience in aggregate that encompasses a realm where interior and exterior demarcations are non existent.
The non human visage of the extraterrestrial as a metaphorical visual language of what was once whom is now that, no longer to be considered human, although rooted to referential distinctions.

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  1. So, if Time is a curve, is this the place wherein the thing eats its own tail?
    Or children breaking causality to manage their parents?
    You know, some particles avoid recycle and replacement by falling backwards, but mostly weakly interact, if at all, with locality.
    They say that is old light, almost biblical implications.
    They say being in more than one place at a time is only by invitation. Probably hard to not result in cyclic unintended stuff, so it goes.