Saturday, November 30, 2013

A Soundtrack for Puppets

The Scapulae of Fate
Last night I watched the televised report of China's unilateral expansion of their territorial claim of militarised air space that overlaps the existing boundaries established for Japan and Korea. I immediately thought of the cyclic nature of nation states in regard to the claiming of resources, that, in reality, no one owns, outside of an ever changing chimera of various self legislation's, pronouncements, statements , declarations etc that in of themselves seem timeless as a mirror into the primitive instincts that are the drivers of technology. And so with this in mind, perhaps we need a soundtrack for contradiction posed between knowledge and being...which also brings to mind Ouspensky on the docks of England on the verge of World War One, watching the loading of crate after crate of crutches being loaded onto freighters...a certain autonomic behaviorism frozen in place that rolls like a spool of film that connects the dots in spacial relations, whether we call this 1918 or 2013..Strike up the band...The question posed is "Whats the sense of worrying?' and from a continuum, we could say, fatalism with a cheery march tinged with self sacrifice..a ecology of self harvesting creatures seen as puppets.  Nothing that could be considered human is pulling the levers..that manipulates a minuscule tunnel of suppositions made concrete by self suggestion.
Sardonic and yet apt.


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