Tuesday, September 24, 2013

The Pretense of Contention

 “The major problems in the world are the result of the difference between how nature works and the way people think”
― Gregory Bateson

It is evident to this writer that I have moved beyond the immanent into a realm of speculation unlike my peers who remain buried in a zoology of pretense. Neo-materialsm appears to be an overlay in relation to the research of anomalies that suggest otherwise. Science is a invaluable platform that is probing deeper into what I have termed intangible materiality. Whether we recognize spirituality and it's role in research, it is there none the less, beyond our current edicts and dogmas.
If I asked you to define Wahhabism or Salafism, could you? Yet this is at the core of Mideast conflicts.
Who has researched this as a platform in order to understand these conflicts?. An example of illiteracy due to a lack of context..

Whether we explore intellectualism, science or the arts, this impetus of the spiritual is evident regardless of how deeply it has been buried which represents the force of unanswered questions.
In my study of 11th Century metaphysics there appeared the use of logic to address spiritual questions, specifically in the renaissance that took place in Andalusia, Spain. Then there are the great libraries that preserve the recording of such efforts whose books are slowly succumbing to dust such as in the example of Timbuktu.

When I wrote the extended essay on "Non Material Extraterrestrials" it naturally occurred to me that to a great extent it would fall on deaf ears inasmuch as research into the invaluable knowledge gained from our forebears is missing from the platform of our considerations which then, in turn, leads to illiteracy if we do not know what past surveys of these questions are missing from a dialog in the present.
Most writers on the anomalous do not avail themselves of this basis of comparisons which seems to be driven by the neo-materialism of our predominant technological sciences.
It comes as no surprise that the example of the Roswell  conundrum as a road block or a hermetically sealed diversion is an apt example of a framework being hoisted by it's own pretard of materialism brought to bear on a subject matter that exhibits anything but a material basis in the classical sense.

Does it surprise us that so much of what we term the anomalous is deconstructive in nature?


  1. Zoology of pretense sums up the multitudinous layers of human experience quite nicely.

    Such is life at Anomaly-Mart.

    Nuance. Ideation. Consideration. They went that-a-way, Officer!

    The Google AdSense moguls & Premium Subscription hustlers policing the boundaries of ostensibly public conversation lack the self-awareness and humility required for free thought, consideration and progressive understanding. Thumbs up! or Thumbs down! is the best they can do, and the evidentiary consideration is Respectability!. The only respectable conclusion - strictly enforced - is "we" don't know anything. The Collective versus The Individual. Got a light?

    The Enigma is overtly egalitarian, yet the "leading thinkers in the field" - sic - are quite the opposite. Ze Punditry can never be challenged by any old nutcase without a book to sell or a CV to punch up.

    Oh, how they love their mutual exclusions. Curiously, they already know what every individual knows, which is what they know, which is nothing. The higher power of the clueless hordes is but a sea of white noise for their awesome critical minds. It must be this way, lest one's own obedience to incuriosity be undermined. No field work necessary. It's almost enough to make one forget they are the self-satisfied products of more institutional authorities than have acronyms. And, so, the contemporary public intellectual scurries from all things spiritual like a startled bunny from a boa constrictor. Consciousness remains a punchline, and it needs to for their microphones to keep working.

    The Show needs content, and witnesses & pontificators alike contribute with the understanding it's a quid pro quo deal. Validation is not forthcoming, but its promise is implied and the mighty undertow is irresistible to many. Every witness who steps forward becomes a defendant in boutique kangaroo courts, guilty of crimes against ontology. Judgment is reactive and often harsh. The Judge is full o'false modesty - aw, shucks - always with a twitchy hand on the executioner's lever. The few who get no-billed are those who, like The Judge, have rings to kiss. There are careers to nurture and institutions to coddle and conference invitations to plan.

    "Given the current state of the field, it is probably more productive for me to continue quiet research behind the scenes rather than trying to speak publicly. I have been declining all interviews because anything I would say would be lost in the noise. People just want to hear about Roswell and abductions, and they already know the answers, so they don't need research. They are simply looking for confirmation of what they already believe. Cordially, Jacques." Correspondence to Lorin Cutts, 2012.

    But, then, by all appearances, Poor Jacques is partial to billionaires. Paradox and irony in every direction.

  2. It is pretense versus pretense..the unwashed masses we belong to and the military industrial ruling class.

  3. Like Andy Kaufman & Jerry Lawler, only they were pros.