Monday, June 24, 2013

The Differentiation of Local and Non Local PSI Phenomenon.

Wheels Within Wheels: The Wave Energy Behind Molecules
The correlations between the phenomenon of a physics of information and the human biology of sensory systems which are in effect, simulations of both internal and external environments has seemingly led to distinct states of an ecology likened to local weather conditions compared to the larger systems of dynamics in the atmospheric environment that can blanket the entire continent and then , going to a larger scale, to the entire planet. Consider the purposefully enigmatic photograph at the top of the post as a study in probability and coherence. This being a study of the visual language of superimposition by way of our processing thought originated in the system language we many see this photograph as either A, B, C as a possible defining organisation of one's individuated creation of a intermediate state..that is neither true or not true if one does not have other sources of input to collaborate into a consensus, another word for coherency?   Is there a tipping point where this energy as information changes it's state into a intermediate transient system that is neither molecule or wave?

Consider this analogous to the nightly weather report and perhaps the next time you watch the local weather forecast, consider that while we have no current means of predicting the anomalous, the phenomenon of local ghosts and national, even international ghost phenomenon may be similarly linked by the chaotic being prone to self organizing fields of distribution that form proverbial fronts, where, if conditions are ripe, states can transition into transient phenomenon, a storm being analogous to a wave of UFO reports based on principles of the cellular self organisation where information and energy are one in the same and will be manifested in what lies between a wave, and it's transitioning into a molecule..we could say much like many ghost information states, it is neither material nor non material.

Going deeper into this strange parallelism, one considers the physics of information in another metaphor superimposed on that of weather systems, which is a local haunting is comparable to seeing the information displayed on a laptop computer in a specific locality with an individual editorial prerogative, and now  let's elevate our comparative positioning to allow our observation of a local network comprised of laptops let's the state of Connecticut..some coherence between the information between individual computers may show up that comprise local conditions, and then elevating ourselves up further in the physics of information we have the local networks melded into a national network, that further distills coherence between the individual, the local and the national, and we could take this to the global level.

Intermediate Fields of Transient Coherency  

Then we find transient spikes of UFO ghost activity, and at the local level, hauntings of ghost information keyed to specific local, individual information fields. The superimposition of entangled fields in the physics of information as the representation of information and energy being one and the same.

Both exhibit PSI chief features. Of course when we speak of information as a series of superimposition of energy fields much like the study of energy made material in the natural world made materialized to our senses, it brings forth the issue of our own nature within a larger nature, ghosts in situ related to the larger field of various states in the system within a physics of information as well as the virtual memory of a proverbial information stream much like a genome in adaptation as well as mutation..

Indeterminate Here Versus There

In this, it is not a matter of divisions as it is multipliers. Instead of this ghost bias projection on a energy field as an intermediate state hat is either uploading or downloading, all of this is occurring spontaneously at a velocity that exceeds the processing of the mind's biological neural net. The transient spikes that are notorious as waves, in UFO phenomenon follow an equally transience of coherence in this networked system

, and the ontology of an intermediate state of information mixes inner and outer in it's transformation between states of storage, transmission and transformation  just as the natural world is observed ...whether it is digestive systems turning this into that, or our turning sensory data into language, or simple eating and being eaten..nothing stands still, hence repeatably as an arbiter of evidence for the anomalous phenomenon around us is a search in the form of a joke we play on ourselves, all the while thinking we are severely separated from this environment as objective observers. The distinctions that lie between a photograph and what is photographed, between representation and it's materialization, between the creation of meaning as a visual language underpinned by our programming language, and thought versus the images that thought construes based on the visual language of these symbols that I am typing and what you read are all provincial qualifiers in relation to  wherein, none apply. Add probability to transient spikes of a keyed coherency that comes and goes according to shared bias projections and you have all the differentiation of the UFO phenomenon as a wave phenomenon that imprints molecular structures.

The Stuff Of Dreams

Are these relationships of transient states of information that link the immaterial to the material, in effect comparable to the Tibetan Buddhist concept of Bardos? In the next post, I will share my own tale of wrangling with the ghouls and hungry creatures of a nightmare, and some observations on our inadvertent and
seemingly illogical expression of emotional states made  manifest in a perverse rationality. A challenging environment of confronting one's own creation of totemic demons...Eating and Being Eaten..where wrong can be right and right can be wrong..a venturing into the emotional states of my "own" neural net. A confrontation within one's Self.


  1. What happened to your "tale of wrangling with the ghouls and hungry creatures of a nightmare"? And to stick my foot in the door, from reading your blog(s) I get the impression that you are very reticent to discuss your own paranormal experiences. Occasionally you'll mention something quite out of the ordinary, but only in passing--and then never return to it to elucidate.

  2. I am always skeptical of my own experiences, especially in terms of formulating a immediate reaction that I set down in an attempt to organize my own thoughts on what occurred. This particular experience had several aspects to it, that informed me that I am not immune to fear despite my own best attempts to smooth down these bumps. It will be the subject of my next post.