Sunday, June 23, 2013

A Consensual Enslavement of Metadata

“When you combine the ability to share evidence of a crime unrelated to foreign intelligence with the … bulk acquisition of every American’s records, you have obvious potential for the use of this to circumvent even ordinary safeguards applying to criminal investigations,” says Julian Sanchez, research fellow at the Cato Institute. “It becomes a completely different story if you’re saying that everyone’s records are in the pool now, and you still have the ability to share information….”

As we are experiencing the impression of moving along toward a porosity of mind lacking rumination the diversity once abloom in the natural world is like a boiling pot left on the stove and the steam rising back into the intangible root of it's origin is a telltale sign of a major extinction event we are participating in, as they say. What is the discernment between a weed and the landscaping? What is left in the pot after we have sterilized the planet for our own genetically modified hot house varieties with a copyright inherent in their DNA? Perhaps we move along to the fortress like planetary seed banks whose assets sleep in suspension..neither living nor dead, which may be a metaphor for a once and future human species, stillborn in the extensions of their tool making, in effect enslaving themselves into a curse of consensus.So, it said, such is the bland and seemingly harmless appearance of that which eats itself and by which, destroys what it loves. Instead of a Brave New World, we have an advanced productivity and efficiency as seen in any society whose operative motive is fear entangled with a pathology of control is a Coward's refuge.

I was recently contemplating just how quickly the covert surveillance program targeting the participants in a theoretical democracy vanished without a trace, like a puddle in Death Valley..slipping beneath the public's increasingly shrinking attention span when I found this insightful article in Wired Magazine by Matt Blaze,
who directs the Distributed Systems Lab at the University of Pennsylvania, where he studies cryptography and secure systems. Prior to joining Penn, Blaze was a distinguished member of technical staff at AT&T Bell Labs. Where is this strand of technological DNA heading..? An excellent probe into the potential future is here...
One observation is that the literally hundreds of conspiracy fantasies have completely dulled the public's discernment to the extent that few can analyse the difference between the projected scenarios conjured in free association and the hard (albeit deeply buried) twine being wrapped around our legs.
In many ways I think this situation is very analogous to the general popular cultures capability to analyse the anomalous to the point where there is no point, all roads lead to a relativity without any demarcations to tell dog poo from floor polish. Dr Blaze adds his observations..

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