Thursday, November 22, 2012

Psychological Parapolitics

"Let Nature deal with matter, which is her own, as she pleases; let us be cheerful and brave in the face of everything, reflecting that it is nothing of our own that perishes." - Seneca The Younger

Legos and Logos

The consideration of meaning, relationships and associations appear to be, at times, a multilevel arrangement borrowed to be arranged from a box of Legos or Logos..structural elements of essentially relationships that are contingent upon their prior navigation aids in orienting ourselves to the environment based upon consensual terms. Herein lies a issue. Words as the fractals of  that have no meaning outside of the architecture of language, or perhaps in more complex terms, a quanta of  a recipe improvised and then superimposed on  experiential and observable contingencies of existence. Beyond this is a freedom to discern entanglement when one directly experiences it but unfortunately most in the paranormal social movement fail to learn that the map is not the landscape. This post concerns psychological baggage and loaded language.

In Absence of A Definition

One could imagine these triads of meaning, relationships and associations as a form of inner ( sign, signified etc) semiotics of Self as a "personality" in the form of a software as the sectional interlocked frames of a ghostly geodesic sphere as well as Lego\ Logos components. The essence of a dream state based upon referents as edicts, having no meaning that can can be valuated of it's own nature, but rather utilizing those we borrow that are on loan to a sort of  homeless scavenger of self referential comfort.
The question is if the simulations of the mind as organised is an entirely local phenomenon like a firefly flickering inside of a glass jar that is entirely a product of  a subtle form of puppetry, a sort of zombie sentience that only possesses a cellular intelligence of "rationality" whose autonomic processes are masked by a lack of comparisons. We seek comparisons without a self definition. Can a human being ultimately define itself in this manner? As a result, do we look to ourselves in guises through mythological roles that portray a sort of demented omniscience, whether it be the Gods or Extraterrestrials in the beneficence of pathological controls upon an ill defined creature such as ourselves?

This question underlines every consideration of the paranormal as well as the social movements known as religion and both have strikingly similar psychological drivers that essentially do not seek the transpersonal but rather underline a subtle form of human self aggrandizement, as to bury a shared secret so deeply, no one dare speak it's name.. unless you are Samuel Beckett whose characters are the set pieces that contest our inner world. The theater of memory as the firefly caught in a glass jar as the abject example of what Auden named as "the terrible beauty of the universe." The Gnostic conception of the Demiurge morphed into Burrough's Nova Police, the realm of minds without consciousness. In the light of all this one can think of Gurdjieff's prediction that "there is no hope for humanity but there is for the individual."  And so Utopian dreams are understandable, and yet we pose alternative models of our own species as superior to ourselves which seems to be a sublimated wish fulfillment. Pinocchio dreaming of no longer being a puppet while seemingly incapable of the realization that he is when awake.

The Social Politics of The Mind

One could reasonably say that this is the consensus of experiential observation, while religion as a early conceptualizing social media suggested very vaguely structured variations based on a model of Human  animal bias projections of superior animals ( whether one or several ) that tried to demarcate similarities from incommensurable realities ie: meaning what we do not know is familiar, recognizable. Interestingly, at the time and as a sort of genetic transference across generations, to think that a central organizing principle may be beyond our comprehension or even capability lacked the sort of utility, or pragmatism in terms of what can be disseminated in social and consensual terms. One could say the human being is a social chameleon driven by the consensus of his peers, therefore the colorless and odorless truth takes on the cultural correlation of his psychological environment formulated by consensus on terms. Terms that channel cognizance into projected and conceptual representations of something quite nameless. The psychological baggage of an isolated planetary society.

The Heavenly Laws of A Jungle.

The Nazi propagation of Nietzsche's Superman is the material translation of anthropomorphic Human like God that radically borrowed from Darwin as a nightmare of existentialism empowering animal drives, just as the Old Testament portrayed a uber controlling superior Human \ animal as a organizing principle of the universe.. Of course all of this has been recombined by the conceptually superior animal of The Extraterrestrial. I social terms we could reasonable suggest all of this is a sublimated cry of humanity to recognize that the lack of any internal organizing principle that allows the repeatable transmissions of behaviorism that is not self destructive due to this weakness...If we remove the patina of divine intervention, Moses remains a formidable social activist and Jesus remains an equally formidable reformer of Judaism. However, perhaps outcomes are less predictable as Israel and the Palestinians shoot rockets at one another in the 21st Century. And then there is the case of Jesus having the same predictable unforeseen results as being the borrowed mascot of some adjudicated bad human tendencies too numerous to be listed here. The point in bringing this up, is the superimposition of supernatural behavioral controls, whether it is a burning bush or an alien encounter, we seem to layer everything with a patina of our expectations. One could say there are equally misfired behaviorism backed by the purveyors of  Roswell, that seeming associate the crucified Jesus with the murder of knowledge regarding the superior Extraterrestrial, who could intervene in our age of mutually assured self destruction. In both cases the Centurions armed with either spears or nuclear armed bombers do the dirty work via material murder as mirror images of  each other tasked with destroying the corpus of knowledge, and thus burying both the human and humanoid Janus faces of potential saviors as controlling influences on human behaviorism.

That and Thou As Inseparable? 

The entire situation is edited for valuation in terms of defining these associations relationships and meanings with the editorial purview of their predictive, repeatable application poised against the void of any self defining language in regard to the nature of self awareness when it is surgically separated from it's environs.
If self awareness is separable from it's material composition as an organizing principle of external would think it's environs  as observable , non verbal  presence would be either vanish or not. If not a point of individuation in relationship, what would such a self aware distinction be without any distinguishing referents from without?
Is this even feasible beyond being simply another recombination of theoretical speculations on the nature of Death? Is this a inference that the human being and his environment are inseparable? If so, what does this possibility suggest in terms of the mind being separated from it's tether?

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