Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Planets

The Axis of Mythology and Realities

It began with the superimposition of a serious misinterpretation of Mayan cosmology as related to their cyclic calendar as a predictor of both human behaviorism as linked to our planetary environment. 2012 became a mascot for the sublimation of the specific issue termed climate change. Instead of greenhouse gases causing the degradation of our capability to survive in the future, all eyes turned to the safer considerations of a stone calendar as a sort of fantasy rationale of why bother? It's all fated to end anyway. It's as if we looking at for a mythology to justify human behavior, washing our hands of any real dire results from an entirely different brand of predictability.

"It may already be too late to head off major famines in the mid-part of this century. That's one of the clear implications of the latest PricewaterhouseCoopers review of the world's carbon economy, Too Late for Two Degrees?
Two degrees of global warming may not sound much to most people, but combined with extreme weather events it is the point at which the world's food supply, and grain production in particular, begins to face serious jeopardy. And if grain runs short, the first thing to go is meat. So this isn't just an issue that will hit the poor and the already hungry: it will affect everyone who eats....."

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This is a linkage, ( between the environment and human behavior )however, that has been pursued by Dr Presinger at Laurentian University for some time in neurological terms as they are related to anomalous experiential phenomenon. Then there are the experiential anomalies of a prosaic sort, or at least as we now categorize them. The Mayan calender interpretations were once thought to be an anomaly of a predictive, lost, archaic science. Then there is the matter of "the face on Mars" which turned out to be the bias projection of an tendency to anthropomorphize the random into a parallel history of the human race, which is an interesting subject onto itself. All of this could have been ripe material for the last entry on the subject of psychological parapolitics. We sit in the projection both and ask who scripted this slipshod crap in the face of the slow drip of the ongoing degradation of the very air we breathe as well as the increasingly violent nature of extreme weather instability.

Even the Nasqbandi Sufi's climbed on the apocalyptic mountain of presumed certainty, only to find that dire anticipation stretched beyond the foreseeable future. Then there is a matter of moving in inverse time to the now distant past of Mars, a planetary doppleganger  that finds us peering over the edge of time, into the subterranean depths within it's deep well, while our own predictive models of the atmosphere's antics are now consistently being rewritten every year. Crisis what crisis? The blurring of myth and history also intersects on what is now appearing to be a growing interest in the catastrophic weather that occurred at the ending of the Ice Age, which is superimposed into the globally preserved accounts of The Flood, even go so far as to enter Atlantis in the form of a tsunami being considered, as well as the increasing discovery of archaic structures being found along the oceanic coats over the whole of the globe, suggesting what is now ocean was once land.

Then we have the loss of atmosphere on Mars that is currently being studied by robotics, and NASA has apparently made what they term, a history making discovery, that most regard as a harbinger of an announcement that life once existed on Mars. One senses the confluence of several streams of human conjecture that have each taken their own course to make a pathway only to co-join and project where the combined stream may uncertain as that path may be, whether it is in the pages of a fictional novel, or the data points being analysed from that remote planet.

Then we have this bit of dialog inserted into the mix courtesy of Dr Michio Kaku. Life on Earth as a transit of contingencies as another context of prophecy.One theory as to the loss of the Martian atmosphere is that Mars lost its magnetic field, without which it was defenseless against the brutal onslaught of solar radiation which stripped anything not nailed down (like air) off the planet.  As a context to this mystery, somewhat analogous in terms of another hole in our knowledge is the comparatively instantaneous erasure of the myriad of dinosaur species in one fell swoop, which brings to mind another calendar, that of the the ever changing environments of Earth, whose periodicity seems to have shortened with every marked distinction of transformation. Rodney Collin would assert this is evidence of the velocity of time-space increasing, while the  hole in our atmosphere perhaps predicts another. A coin toss.

All of this may present the layers of an onion that blurs the distinctions between myth, the fictional literature of Tonnies and Bradbury,  science , existentialism, and the foundational offspring of religious social movements, in relation to the prophetic projections of catastrophic natural disasters  in relation to Nature being the agent of Divine intelligence rather than simpler causal explanations. Just below the surface of our oceanic environment of realities, an undercurrent seems to be cresting...rather than a predictable calendar based date for a catastrophe, it may be the uncertainty rather than predictability that is being amplified.



  1. Hi Bruce!
    I hope you are doing great my friend and enjoying an 'end of year' season!
    I agree completely that there is something 'cresting' (can't quite figure out what is the problem for me!) in what the Germans-I think?? called the 'ungrund'? something deep and timeless.
    This is funny to me in an unfunny way because I have had a 'doomer' type personality on and off throughout my life-but I had called BS on all of the 2012 Mayan stuff- but now- with the different crises around the planet all coming to a head and the solar cycle -well something seems to be coming to a head for good or ill.
    I agree with Richard Grossinger that whether humanity has cosmic potential or not - Now is the time to find out!
    all the best to you,

  2. Hi Devin
    I have always called myself a pragmatic optimist. I hope for the best for all of us, which, at times I think is extraordinarily naive of me when I fall into being emotionally entangled with what I write about, which, of course clouds any arms length perspective on the subject, which is also... of course is, simply speculative rumination at either it's best or worst. There does seem to be a confluence regarding out mutual future as a species along the back channels of our culture that is as strong as the for profit mass media is weak in that regard..In this some of us all stand atop our little bamboo watch towers to determine which way the wind is blowing underneath the babble, the signal noise etc. In this what struck me was the correspondence of a theme between consensus reality and fictions, that we ( world culture) is reaching a tipping point more rapidly than most can or would recognize..not based on our imaginative powers to conceptualize outcomes, but rather on science. It's the 500 pound elephant in the room being fed "clean coal" and I suspect it won't be recognized until it grows so fat, it tips our little boat over..I don't think it's doomsday, but in the relatively near future, there's going to be more misery, which disturbs me as not necessarily a foregone conclusion but rather one of a sort of mindset of mutual denial as if this were all a incidental issue as compared to American Idol. I wonder as I wander.

  3. I think there are so many intertwined issues & agendas that it can be a bit difficult to sort them all out to get a clearer picture of both the stage and the actors. While I don't disagree with the very real danger of global warming and other forms of ecological destruction, I've been disgusted that while the Right often buries it's head in the sand on these issues that some on the Left (and companies themselves) have turned it into a marketing ploy: donate to our candidate, or buy our 50% recycled product. Even without a political agenda the media seems to love feeding anything it can into the public's own fears so that the latter is in a constant state of panic & stress.

    The Mayan calendar...Y2K 2.0? I don't know why so much of humanity throughout history thinks the end of the world is nigh. It's my understanding that the disciple Paul thought the apocalypse & second coming of Jesus would be in his own lifetime.

    The only ray of hope that I see is found in things like the global day of prayer, the consciousness movement, even things like the TM town of Fairfield, Iowa. And I'm sure it sounds silly, but also in reading blogs like yours; it's very reassuring that even if it's a minority there are many people (like you and your readers) that share the same concerns.