Saturday, October 13, 2012

The Measurement of Anomalous Microclimates In Mind and The Environment

The Mind and Body Divisions Between Plasmatic Orbs and Ball Lightning 

Is Separating The Chicken From The Egg, a Wise Choice?

The divide between the body and mind as an odd sort of historic conceptual model  as an woebegone artifact belonging in a museum, that fits into a Gurdjieffian description of some similar concepts being akin to " a two thousand year old frozen turkey", in that in terms of the presumed singular root of consciousness falls into the chicken or the egg game of linear causation, where anyone who takes the time to raise chickens knows, it's a rather silly way to view reality. I am prone to term reality in the plural as contingent realities. That is to say, reality depends on the scale of comparisons I use. The general idea being that everything both seen and unseen is interconnected and any two manifestations  are contingent upon the other like the architecture of legs and the pull of gravity. Is the observation and research into the paranormal prone to using categorical divisions based upon too few measurements? Who is haunted, the locality or the observer? Is it solely the environment that plays incessantly upon itself, or do anomalous activities happen when they are unobserved, like the tree falling without anyone to witness it? We simply do not know without the observer doing either outright or inadvertent tampering with it.

The Plural Realities of Luminous Spherical Membranes

This game brings to mind plasmas, orbs and anomalous spheres seen in the sky, regardless of altitude, and how resemblances shared by these garden varieties may be helpful in understanding how energy, let alone a presumption of sentience within them, are manifested and as a consequence observed.
In a previous post I shared the observation that lower humidity levels and corresponding drops in ambient air temperature combine to create a micro environment that is a precursor to observed energetic gaseous states known as orbs. Although everyone I know of does not bother to measure one half of this equation and as a result, we cannot measure this relationship. Further, we need to measure this microclimate to determine the composition of the gases. This to me seems elementary. Further, all these quirky devices that are used to detect atmospheric charge should be replaced by a high quality magnetometer. More on this further on.

So we have:
1. The electromagnetic field
2. The gaseous composition of the microclimate
3. The humidity level of same.
4. The ambient temperature of same.
5. The measurement of Ions in the microclimate.

The question is one of one manifestation as I listed them in relation to all the others. Like a lock with several tumblers, perhaps all tumblers must be opened in their contingent relationships to one another just as a tree requires water, atmosphere earth and sunlight to appear. Take one out, and we are missing an aspect that all the others are dependant upon. Or so it seems.

All of which brings us to orbs of various natures. We could say all orbs are like planets in that they are round and yet if we look at the composition of planets, they are quite similar and yet dissimilar at the same time.
And so we come back to our division of body from mind. This theory suggests that one form of orb is all in the mind, separating the proverbial egg from the chicken. Served with a twist of Descartes.

Another theory says that these originated in a electrical field via a gaseous medium that acts as a membrane that becomes itself conductive while not requiring a conduction by ferrous or other materials associated with electromagnetism. In this essay that refers to research we find ionised atmosphere as a result of this process.
If so, then the de-humidification and corresponding decreases in temperature in the climatic  micro-environment wherein these spheres are observed,

Feedback Loops and Place Markers As A Circular Path

Somehow these theories, much like those that separate the mind from the body or, in this case, the environment from the observer seem to talk past one another. The question is, we seem to be prone to term things as demonic just as our forebears did without defining such a word with clarity, or for that matter our terminology driving the result, with or without any self awareness of this looping feedback coming from without, from the environment although we placed a marker there. Carts before horses and the nature of echoes. It cannot be me causing this. Well... yes and no. It seems we are stuck  In trusting what our animal senses and witting and unwitting drives and desires define for us. Demons have strikingly similar characteristics to human animal desires and of course, this is entirely coincidental, isn't it?  Again the emphasis is on a sort of anthropomorphic bias projection. Again, it can't be us, so. it must be them. Off the hook and into a house of mirrors.

Coordinated Parallel Measurement Versus Provoking Ourselves Into Dead Ends

I think it reasonable to suggest, we need more parameters measured, and more remote and less participative and primitive observance of the effects of these microclimates. One word, contamination. Yes, folks the body has an electrical field. However, this leads us into the body and the effect of the environment on same. Very simple, we can easily measure changes in the skin electrically, as this is the basis of the polygraph. We can also measure body temperature. Its called a thermometer.
We can also measure the brain itself and it's electrical activity. We need bodily parameters and not just atmospheric readings. So, what is to be done?

We need a new instrument that records in real time these parameters and coordinates them ( a task that is largely missing) that I see looking somewhat like a polygraph with permanent and  parallel tracings each with it's own set of parameters according to what is measured.

Why is not anyone doing this? Seems elementary Watson.


  1. Awesome post Bruce - way to put it seemingly together in an accessible manner. Appreciate your mental efforts.


  2. Hi Rick
    Thanks for the thumbs up. I am still wondering as I am wandering. Hope all is well with you and yours. The current dead end on this topic seems like a lack of sufficient measured parameters. Even if the results were negative, we could cross some off our list. If positive, we at least have something to go further with.I think the whole presumed sentience of orbs is way too premature. It may be a case of cellular intelligence. Who knows?