Wednesday, October 10, 2012

A Statistical Ignition Of Coherence

This is an example of word play that follows that proverbial White Rabbit who lurks persistently while mocking us on the other side of our binocular animal senses. A strange creature devoid of time. Traces in a popcorn trail through an energetic space that bades us to pursue a corkscrewed staircase, wherever it may lead us, that is burrowed through through the void of our Looking Glass  like a untraceable laser beam.

Or so it seems.

The below posted link takes us there. A case of a globally based coincidence or a unusually tightly focused attenuation of field energy? Evidence of quantum coherence in bundled information physics? One of the themes of this blog has been the limitations of language as well as a modality of communication that does not require verbiage and this is ( to this writer) a classic example of non verbal and \or non-written information being passed from observers and directly to a state of superimposition, creating a visible and measurable effect.

Away from the maddening crowd, silent random number generators spin to align themselves in space organised in space to tightly coordinate with equally aligned mass attention on a single event. The moment of ignition. That. is to say..felt as an effect over the circumference of the Earth.  Recorded. Familiar themes in high strangeness.. Stay tuned.

Some forty years ago, a friend by the name of Larry Berg impressed on me that modality precedes communication. Larry, you may have been right, wherever you are.

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