Monday, August 27, 2012

The Geophysical Connection To Anomalous Events

 "Whats The Frequency, Kenneth?"

During the course of writing the three interconnected posts that tied magnesium, hauntings, and close encounters with perceived "aliens" with a potential relationship between the environment and neurology, I reminded myself I had touched on this subject from a more oblique angle some time ago, regarding geophysical factors. These factors are known to science. however they have not been directly correlated to anomalous perceptions.
1.Electromagnetic field anomalies occur  by location and strength, and these have been accurately mapped. In the last post as well as the one prior, I looked at magnesium as a common element in a wide range of anomalous events, and noted that while not having a magnetic field of it's own, it serves as a conductor of such fields. The distribution of this element constitutes a potential cartographic overlay against the reported frequency of such events. The second overlay would be the map of  the distribution of magnetic field strengths.
2. Gravitional anomalies are the difference between the observed acceleration of Earth's gravity and a value predicted from a model. A location with a positive anomaly exhibits more gravity than predicted. In other words, it is well known and another instance of cartographic location that, in effect created yet another potential overlay. A sample from the USG is shown below.

Then we have these effects distributed by their interaction with human neurology, which also has a electrical field, albeit a very weak biochemical neural net with their associated nervous systems. No two individuals have the same biology, sensitivities, etc. Whether you are discussing allergies, genetic disposition or any other physical trait that informs the mind and the mind informing the body, we have statistical anomalies as well. Some cases are rarer than others.
So is there a geophysical connection to neurology and it's weak transceptive electromagnetic field, that could potentially trigger an anomalous event?
Here is a scientific report by Dr Persinger worthy of note and the link to the full paper in PDF format is pasted below. It has a direct bearing on this post.

More to follow..

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