Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Anomalous Events, Milliseconds,and Seamless Discontinuity

One of the basic premises of dreams is that it is a simulation that is a processing of memory. In this process, it would be misinformed to say this is free association, in the sense that it has a linear structural narrative, rather than a random viewing of images. In this sense, our waking associations as they are formed in a semiotic relationship by way of problem solving become the basis of situational simulations. In one scenario, they are anticipatory, a rehearsal of future problem solving using comparisons, analogies and metaphors. In another they lay the basis of what the memory requires to process, again, in a linear, albeit recombinant use of imagery in these simulations experienced in yet another stage of dreams, which run in total ( for a full cycle of all stages, roughly 90 minutes. Over and over again we repeat these cycles throughout the night.
Since these are very virtual simulations, nature has taken care of the dangers inherit by the physical acting out of these simulations by essentially placing the body in a semi-paralysis. Much like the semi-paralysis reported in a majority of anomalous events.

So, in dreams, we have projection bias. Not any old image will do. We have essentially the same process occurring with the close encounters with alleged extraterrestrials, ghosts and other experiential simulations that again, appear to be result arising from the  processing of memory. In terms of anticipatory simulations, undoubtedly, there is the transplanting of one narrative from one person to another, either verbally or through various media. It is if these common traits ( which do occur more rarely) are reenacting a sort of rehearsal that simply put, places in experiential terms, what if this happened to me? The simulation then begins...

Time ( as in space) does not follow rules in dreams. A second can be several minutes, a full day can be fifteen minutes, while no dream obeys rules of waking time keeping. This is also true of many alleged paranormal encounters. There is discontinuity in dreams, that is to say, when we awaken from a pervasive dream, often times we are disoriented and are not aware of how long we have been in a dream state by the actual time elapsed.

Science knows that the mind and it's systems have certain speed limits in processing between a stimulation by sensory programs and our experience of them although they seem instantaneous to us. This is especially true of vision, which is not a seamless movie as it were, but rather a trick of the mind that makes single frames of discontinuous images appear to be as in a film projector, moving along with no dwell time between images.

The environment in very specific terms, at times appears to tamper with our impressions of being wakeful when we are not. Anyone who has taken a road trip in the car, notices that time ( or space) that is to say, the impression of it can be bent, shortened or stretched. This is particularly true if you are driving while "daydreaming" as one part of your brain drives along, another function is ruminating on this or that. Suddenly, we change states, and we are surprised at how far we have driven. Think of the incidents of missing time that have been reported, most famously by Betty and Barney Hill.

I suspect there is if you will a state very similar to a micro-burst where there is a discontinuous process prompted by the environment that organically  induces a extremely short ( in milliseconds) break in the continuity of the mind's processing and  then is interpreted by a change of state into full awareness that a dream has occurred that cannot be a dream, as we did not lie down to do so for even one minute. But perhaps we do for a millisecond, and in the processing of a comparative analysis, these experiential anomalies appear to have occurred in a waking state when they have not.

The entire ontology of experiential narratives has been turned upside down wherein one state has become inseparably entangled in another with no self awareness or conscious knowledge that this has occurred. And so we have real world environments which we are actually located in... having had a superimposition placed as an overlay as a parallel processes....that become seemingly one continuous process.. More on this I let this dust settle..

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