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Environmental Field Effects and PSI


" It is likely that geomagnetic activity is only one of several factors in a complex system that favors the occurrence of psi phenomena. Some other factors might include humidity, temperature, barometric pressure, wind speed, and ozone level.   
- Dr Stanley Krippner  "Possible Geomagnetic Field Effects in PSI Phenomena"

The Tumbler Effect
Here and at my previous blog, I have noted that anomalous manifestations of a PSI kind are complex, the dynamics of which I have likened to a key within a tumbler lock, the key being the environmental conditions as Dr Krippner has noted above and the tumbler being their "patternless" randomness of manifestation that I have said is much like the observer prior to the advent of radar, surveillance satellites, and the other tools of measuring centripetal diffusion when it comes to rain versus drought, freezing rain versus snow
However, we now know that there are precursory conditions that create the statistical probabilities of weather forecasting and many of the scientific type are using the same search for metrics in the relationship between probability, distribution and manifestation in the same relationship to the cuts in a key that fits the tumbler lock by their coinciding existence in order to produce allegedly random PSI Effects. The complex of which we know relatively little and the single bullet theories of extraterrestrial jokers and the wild cards of hoaxes.

Of course the old school Ufologists are still in the Middle Ages to a great extent when it comes to looking deeper into the fact of why it rains primarily abductions in the 50 states of the U.S and not in say, Finland. 
Or saucers in the 1950's and triangles in the 2000th century mark. We seem to be bringing nearly the entire catalog of recombinant surrealism that is contemporary to the time in which the nature of the observations coincide with composites of cultural images as influences, yet this is thrown out the window despite the fact we are missing the trigger, or in my own parlance the complex, specific environmental relationships that open the proverbial tumbler of a manifestation versus none whatsoever. Among the many environmental tumbler pins that must be moved in order to turn the atmosphere into an energetic mold for forming semi-solids in the form of familiar shapes could be water molecules. Of course, hoaxing as a artistic endeavor has always been a parallel path in the research befogged by those who create instantaneous results upon demand, and yet at the root of this are actual, rare and odd phenomenon which they are trying to replicate. Hoaxing is not confined solely to Ufology.
Ectoplasm (from the Greek ektos, meaning "outside", and plasma, meaning "something formed or molded") is a term coined by Charles Richet to denote a substance or spiritual energy "exteriorized" by physical mediums. Ectoplasm is said to be associated with the formation of spirits; however since World War II reports of ectoplasmic phenomena have declined and many psychical researchers doubt whether genuine cases ever existed. However, plasma energy at the level of ball lightning, another atmospheric phenomena, at times appears to mimic sentience on a much smaller scale,, making right angles, following observers or vanishing into them with the advent of more sophisticated recording equipment.

 One things of fog and the sharp demarcations in relation to the release of  water vapor during the cooling process, which also harkens to the relation between ambient humidity levels, temperature as well as the warming effect of radiation that precipitates ( hows that for a pun?) it. Is there more than one form of this phenomenon that does not rely on solar cycles, one that relies on a band within the geomagnetic range? Obviously if this is so, there is more than one ingredient to this recipe. However having one versus none, may be an advantage as it is a metric that could be measured in terms of the relations between  field energy, temperature and humidity. Recall that high humidity is a very effective carrier of ambient energy.

So, it may be scorching heat in the Saharan desert, freezing in the Arctic, raining in South American and yet these micro-climates only exist in relation to a larger system on a planetary basis. I think this analogy is fitting to the PSI nature of a wide catalog of anomalous taxonomy, from close encounters, to abductions to other more human ghost images. To see a crocodile and try to explain it's manifestation without looking at other manifestations of the same nature as well as the environments in which they occur........ is patently absurd.... doomed to failure, but that is exactly what old school Ufology does.

 The Hessdalen Phenomenon got its name due to the fact that most people misunderstand the definition of the word UFO. The Hessdalen Phenomenon has some distinct characteristics which might say that there are different solutions to what the phenomenon is. Project Hessdalen ( did run two expeditions in the 80’s and run the automatic station (AMS) since 1998. Data has been achieved. Science Camp camps with students and scientific teams from Italy and USA have also done investigation of the Hessdalen Phenomena. Then, in relation to the energetic atmosphere there is also the relationship between neurology and biology that are deeply embedded in the natural, energetic environment of geomagnetism whose basis is the conversion of the environment into biochemical energy, which of course has a profound effect on this entangled state we call "consciousness" .


And yet Ufology in the U.S remains a portrait in miniature of the larger synthetic "culture."


George \ Not George
 Whenever the urge strikes to have a cigarette, rather than smoking in the house, I sit in a lawn chair in the garage or out in the back yard. This morning I sat in the garage doing so, which happens to face my neighbor's front door and yard from a side angle. Drinking my coffee and having this smoke, I had no agenda on my mind other than returning to a full waking state, whatever that is. I have an odd  habit of mumbling to myself when in this state, as if to comment to no one in particular other than to myself, perhaps as a parody of my being fully present at that time, which is laughable. However I am somewhat self conscious of this and yet make no big psycho drama out of this personality tick.
So, in painting this morning situation, I am in the garage participating in all of the above when I notice in the direct line of my sight, what I immediately assumed was my neighbor lurking at his own front door which struck me as odd. Was he locked out of his home at 7 a.m? I kept watching as he then seemed to move back and I assume he spotted me, and for a moment I felt awkward as if I was spying on him. He always wears a white tee shirt, and the whiteness of the body image made me associate the white with his tee shirts. The figure again pulled back like one would do in an old B movie, as if peering around the corner to turn the tables and spy on me, which I know was ridiculous. What is going on with "George?" In a matter of a few moments, I became self conscious of my earlier earlier speaking out loud as if to myself, perhaps George thinks I have finally reached the point of dementia.
For a split second, feeling rather awkward, I looked away. I looked up, again in a split second. No one, particularly George was not there. No closing door, no open garage door and even if he had bolted as bizarre as that possibility is, he could not have covered the distance as to be out of my line of sight in a split second. 
I thought I need new glasses. I sat in the chair trying to replicate a potential optical illusion. Nothing. Then it occurred to me that the figure I saw was simply white, and my sorting associations had matched this with the location, the image of Georges normal garb, and George being the most likely to be lurking in front of his own home. Of course, being self skeptical, I knew it was not George at this point and yet at the same time, I could not fill in the word for this situation as if the buzzer had sounded while I was a contestant on Jeopardy Category unknown.
To quote T.S Elliot, "Dust in the air suspended marks the spot where a story ended."
Or has it? Time will tell or perhaps it won't.

States of Humidity
Rewind the film back to the previous day. One of the subjects of rumination of yours truly has been the issue of demarcated drops in ambient temperature when an apparition is perceived, that is to say, a ghost image, which I prefer to the common association that assumes these images represent a living albeit unusual manifestation of a person or object that exists in a unique form.
None the less, my project engineering background somewhat intersected this aspect of ghost images when I linked downward temperature spikes with humidity levels.Let's take a brief side journey into technological history to make my interest more cogent.
The first modern air conditioning system was developed in 1902 by a young electrical engineer named Willis Haviland Carrier. It was designed to solve a humidity problem at the Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing Company in Brooklyn, N.Y. Paper stock at the plant would sometimes absorb moisture from the warm summer air, making it difficult to apply the layered inking techniques of the time. Carrier treated the air inside the building by blowing it across chilled pipes. The air cooled as it passed across the cold pipes, and since cool air can't carry as much moisture as warm air, the process reduced the humidity in the plant and stabilized the moisture content of the paper. Reducing the humidity also had the side benefit of lowering the air temperature -- and a new technology was born. Over at the UFO Iconoclasts, a concise review of a new book on micro-climatic environments being conductive to PSI activity is offered here under the title "Zones of Strangeness"

A Complex Admixture 
And so is the ambient level of humidity a metric in the exchange of atmospheric energy converting, in essence, vapor content into the stuff of apparitions that are ghost images? Do these manifestations have an accompaniment of a corresponding drop in localized ambient humidity in relation to a corresponding drop in temperature? Is there a conversion process at play? This could be very easily tested, and at the time I had thought to myself that this was an additional testable and repeatable measurement that could add another metric to this mystery. Yet, I seemed to be the only person to have noticed this relationship. Perhaps not, but I do not see evidence of this, with a few exceptions.
Moving forward to this morning, I told my wife what had occurred during my sojourn in the garage. She said, "How bizarre" I concurred. We went on to other subjects. We have a humidity indicator on the fireplace mantle that indicates outside temperature and humidity. She said, "Do you believe it, it is nearly at 80% humidity outside."

Indeed. Perhaps the human comedy has it's profoundly near sightedness as demonstrated through your authors eyes, or my glasses have become fogged. Or then again, perhaps not. I cannot see the situation well enough to determine what the case may be.

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