Sunday, April 29, 2012

The Tale of Tawûsê Melek

Positivists blocked my exit from a collapsing house of cards when they attempted to keep secret that the codex of the universes is being written post editorially as I type this. Parallel programs without number whir and link together a woven cloth that is the materiality of one such aspect of the nonexistent, the existent and the imaginal realms of the multi-levular differentiation becoming endless worlds within worlds.

Delimited possibility superimposed on the receptivity of architectural media whether it is a bird in flight, a human being or a stalk of corn and yet perhaps the best analogous description of the positivist is to describe the non fictional as a fiction, a metaphorical tale of subtle relations that they as parrots can repeat but have lost the sublimated characteristics of their own vocabularies and this brings me to the tale of  Tawûsê Melek, and what was called "sublime knowledge" in The Garden of Eden..from whence our common genome was banished  in a metaphor worthy of E.A Poe.
The house with a mouth for a door, windows for eyes, structure for bone and the secrets held by the ghosts therein falling in on itself in a incestuous tale of the forbidden, Devils may be Angels and The Angels may be Devils. I think on these things tonight.

Perhaps it is that the root of transients, those temporal and antecedent patterns that elude analysis in data correlations is that information is energy and once constituted, it cannot be destroyed unless we consider it's reformulation a loss, but if the concept of genetics were extended as a codex of all possible formulations, it may not follow a linear path of causation and so lag patterns that are temporarily contiguous, in spacial terms are irrelevant,  as there may be several roots, several tumblers in the lockset of anomalies continually turning in a wheel of probabilities that align past, present and future self organizing information as a singularity.
The message may be irrelevant to our pragmatic orientations but the means  may disclose our entangled relations between the self and non self, the local and the non local are provincial defining characteristics.

"The logical extension of millions of an interaction between millions of human brains and the geoelectromagnetic environment are discussed in the concept of the geopysche..."
-Space-Time Transients and Unusual Events, Micheal A Persinger -Gyslaine Laheniere

The geopsyche of The Peacock Angel named Tawûsê Melek known to the ancestral family genome of the  Sumerian relations, the Yedzi, still dwelling in Iraq's marshes, the once and future garden in the desert at the conjunction of three rivers.
Tawûsê Melek as the Jinn Iblis in Islam, the Angel Overseer of Earth  whom accordingly God ordered Tawûsê Melek not to bow to other sentient beings as they are intermediaries, which at first seems an odd thing in ordering relations as a matter of software. Then God created the other archangels and ordered them to bring him the chemistry of dust  from the Earth and build the cellular chamber for a Adam whose non existent world was non local.
Then, according to the Yedzi, God gave life to Adam from his own breath and instructed all archangels as forces to bow to Adam. Again, a philosophic distinction was made.The archangels obeyed without hesitation, except for the steadfast Tawûsê Melek who was in compliance to his ordering in relationship.. In answer to God, Tawûsê Melek replied, "How can I submit to another being! I am from your illumination while Adam is made of dust." Hence was the deputy steward of the Demiuge thus aligned in the order to bow to Adam, which was was a subtle test for Tawûsê Melek, since if God the apex of the aggregate sum that has similarities in attributes to differentiation but none in the incommensurable nature of the whole in relation to it's constituent members, commands anything then it must happen perhaps as a matter of implicate ordering. .In other words, God could have made him submit to Adam, but gave Tawûsê Melek the choice. As a test which I suppose is another word for a game, which leads us to game theory and the role of opting to play. Nothing had been dictated, nothing fated in a omniscient pathology, rather possibility as to the manner of derivatives was in play much like the branch perhaps of a genome, or the software compliant to the context, or not as a precarious balancing act, a roll of the dice.

Ibn Al Arabi leaps from his seat shouting a question, "Who threw the ball!?" The laws of form and distinction only exist in relational orientation in a variant of relativity theory in metaphysics as one nameless companion told once told me it may not be that the first act of self awareness was not I Am but rather I Appear to Be, which has several enfolded meanings and that, as Shakespeare said is the question. He looked me square in the eye and said "Not a pretty picture" Then he turned and walked away.
Get out your existential flashlight in the dark. We may or may not encounter one another again.

A soundtrack for the sentinels of the soundless night on their counter clockwise journey through the brambles and thorns that propel them.


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  1. Hi Bruce. Hope all is well for you. Always great to see Ibn El Arabi in your words. He was the one who led me to your blogs. A few years back.