Friday, April 20, 2012

Selling Reality By The Pound

 The third state of entanglement describes an absent world in addition to the immaterial realm as well as the the realm of sense perception that can lie through it's teeth, informing us that solid objects have a density that is in direct relation to to it's apparent nature.  There is no utility in this, no harnessing of this third state that has any pragmatism attached to it. It is not as though we can fuel a car, or do dishes with this randomly signaled interception of our three dimensional parameters. It certainly cuts a wide swath none the less, across the pages of our semiotic coloring book. What is purpose? Must every phenomenon have a corresponding intention that is a match to our given situation, or is that some phenomenon have no intention, as we define it?
Seemingly, for the most part, when the anomalous strikes a pose, we cannot escape our own nature inasmuch as that is a measuring tape bound to inaccurate, and so consequently, our linear narratives of causation seem provincial and the driver of oxcarts compared to a worm hole. Yet, there are experts which means they can memorize factoids to assemble them based on local customs of impossibility versus uncertainty, all of which may be a moot point, which serves as the inference of a free floating existential danger, which then, of course, is our proverbial shadow that burrows beneath errands and pleasantries, even self interest. We make all this up as we go along, being pushed out of the womb, propelled by various sorts of sociological stagecraft and the anomalous often reminds us that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are legislating reality as a writ, selling it to you and I by the pound.
From a certain perspective outside of knowing where the next exit is, our knowledge of the repetitive and reinforcing  geometry of three dimensions is utterly beside the point and beyond that there is no point that corresponds to being meshed in a web in the basement of a skyscraper, while making pronouncements on the weather outside, yet that is the lunacy of our quiet desperation in the face of recognizing "if you must sleep, sleep well"  which corresponds to "Don't Worry, It's already happened." John Mack is walking down a sidewalk and a car instantaneously veers out of control and kills him. And so we go back to chaos theory and self organizing systems, seeking an end run around the fact that the world is no more than what we imagine it to be, and it's nothing personal..sorry.

 Everything must be bought and paid for in the transactional nature of reciprocating pixels that comprise our simulation of sight, and at times, we cannot afford what we experience and experiential memory becomes a debt as our accounting for it's purpose and intention, exceeds our wherewithal. A case in point..John Keel approves.

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