Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Imagination As Reality

How can we separate the imagination from reality? The common definition is that imagination is able to envision arrangements that do not exist, and yet if we examine language deeply, that is to say what are references to the observable, we find that our references do not correspond with the realities that lie behind appearances, hence perhaps all language is the suggestive process of inferences that do not exist except as words and yet words become reality for most, and our reality is imaginary in more ways than we imagine it to be so. We live in imagination and correspond by language and suggestion is always in our jugular vein. I find it laughable as in a tragicomedy. Pulled and jerked as if animated by the air itself, I write in this journal in the realm of misplaced appearances as a puppet would, perhaps imagining I am self aware as some sort of haughty defense mechanism steeled against the slings and arrows of cartoons as an architecture that serve as a lens for "rational logic". One good push, and I will vanish as a dream would, having no contingency or seat belt to anchor me to my own presumptions that mimic and build upon the repetition of signs and symbols to domesticate the sheer trenchancy of these butterfly nets..In the province of the mind, to twist the words of Dr John Lilly anything is probable even the imagination telling us what we assume is reality.

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