Thursday, March 10, 2011


 In the spaces between the linearity of language, our codex of expression that has overwritten the content of sentience, the connections between the conceptual models of Gregory Bateson and Robert Anton Wilson as pathways to untangle, deconstruct and open internal, spacial holes in the fabric of our orientation toward the paranormal remain viable, as much as the work of Dr John Lilly. Call them the physicists of experiential reality as opposed to the mediums and mediumship of  our conceptual models which confuse the term with the verbs and nouns of objectification toward what are simply referents. There are no ghosts, there are no UFOs, there is no PSI phenomenon, and the relationship between the observer and the observed is always transmuted into a non verbal language of images bracketed by the programming of our software. Fixated while in a quicksand of immersion by inference and suggestion.

Deprogramming by abduction from a cult of the transfixed human species, is remarkably absent in abduction phenomenon itself, which attempts to  inject the virus of deconstruction in order to behaviorally to an end run around randomness, as the reinforcement of a script versus chaos as a comparative relationship, the patterning of  setting controls on the non local.

Suggesting is the inference of language reinforced by non verbal imagery, and the manipulation of the genetic code of semiotics, the relationship between language and it's metaphorical basis and inferences seems to have been lost in making square pegs from round holes. The bifolded mirror of comparisons as to what we might be as a test of our sentience may find it locked into self referential reflections on the nature of objectifying the insensate, the immaterial made  of a strange form of parallel processing, molded as a metaphor by the senses and how we sense the external as internal whereas the observer seeks himself or herself in the observed and ends up with a visual metaphor.

 Call it lost in translation.  Similarly, this misdirection of attention completely ignores how easily we are convinced that the objectification of experience that is driven by internal software based on language that forms the materiality of this theatrical production, can be steered, geared and designed to drive our little vehicles right off the road, thinking we are at an entrance ramp.

Reductionism is the bane of sentience, and domesticating the complexity of our personal situation into a script that influences outcomes remains, as much as the work of Lilly, Bateson and Wilson remains. What I am addressing is the self referential nature of the paranormal field that is tranfixed by outcomes while ignoring the multiplicity of source codes that we process continually by associations, hormones, enzymes, pre-synaptic gaps, signal processing and the illusions of dimensionality, the non existence of "solid objects", desire, clinging, fear..all of which in the aggregate sum have a locus of manifestation that derives from us, and without, as the root of our vehicle at a certain juncture obeys the requirements of the living system we inhabit molded by the sustainability of the planetary environment. However, things change in an evolutionary sense and we may be grounded by a certain predictability that is in our hands, or is it?

Call it transfixed by the sleight of hand that we are completely divorced from drivers, more passengers than conductors, more a creation of what we have no control over whatsoever. The wresting of control toward a faux certainty is both personal and global in a universe that is inter-dependant and co-creative rather than predictable.,it does not sit still for a portrait, yet look at the predictability of the scripts used in the paranormal field. A mismatch. Anyone who has experienced the drives from hormonal peaks or LSD, realizes in retrospect perhaps, that context is the medium from which we digest experience through the personality which is programming from without, reinforced from within, is the determinate for triangulating reality by self referential coding aided and abetted by biology which wants the production line to keep moving along. We appears as a effect not a originator, and yet we go along to get along with absolute fabrications that nature would prefer remain..up to a point and perhaps in our time we have knowledge superseding awareness, where the program that was useful to the system as a whole is now unresponsive to mutations, which the paranormal at it's locus attempts to correct errors as nature is the great experimenter, far from being perfect, the universe is as fallible as ourselves.  We have a learners permit, not a drivers license, yet we rely on 2,000 year old conceptual models in the whole, that program us to think we live in a from the top down monarchical order of set perfection that is predictable and the more we attempt to apply this as a behavioral arbiter as a programming code to translate perception as misguided mimics of a faulty conceptual language, the more we see de-coherence, cross purposing,  and compounded errors in our orientation. So....we are transfixed. When the transfixed claim objectivity, the Angels rue their errors.

As a fairy tale for adults, in order to bypass the recognition of our own position fraught with an end, we were tampered by nature to see the world upside down for the sake of reproduction rather than being terrorized by existence as a contingency, as a means rather than a purpose onto itself. However, this in of itself was an error that has proved formidable to bypass as a source code, as the playing field never remains the same for an instant, and there were unpredictable effects and outcomes. The debate in neither here nor there continues. Is it a biological solution made by genetic reconfiguration? Is it a environmental or a failure of parenting? What we experience in the paranormal is perhaps a reality that eludes us, taunts us, provokes us when the gaps between the linearity of  the semiotic programming that is our driver, when this immersion of being upside down, fails to cover that up, we go back to mistranslations, errors in perceptual configuration and become emotionally attached to our own misconceived and improvised conceptual models that create fractals of a spectrum of predictable  outcomes. The door is sealed by a default setting that we have the illusion that we control, which we do and do not at the same time between and betwixt fatalism and delimited potentiality. No matter how hard the door is knocking to tell us our house is on fire at 3am, we serve to be served in a comfort zone of being upside down versus the arduous task of righting ourselves from the patterning of consensus programming that is both biological and non materially driven where we are but passengers. All of this sounds remarkably like the issues of addiction. The lights glide over the night horizon haplessly, no amount of intervention will suffice if the addict does not come to his or her own conclusions that their behavior is beyond self destructive, it destroys the life that coincides with their own.
The transfixed speak a special language, that to a superior intelligence is fraught with incoherence, and yet if one pin is pulled out, their bridge collapses under it's own weight. What would you do should you come upon them?

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