Friday, March 11, 2011

Purpose and Nature

It is always fascinating to find a sociological context founded on a culture's knowledge that superimposes purpose, as we understand purpose as the manipulation of natural processes, ( tool making) onto various phenomenon using ourselves as templates that become a bi-folded mirror of the drives that drive us and the perplexity that surrounds us buried under hubris. Someone once said man's natural condition is astonishment. Of course, I have been writing about uncertainty versus outcomes, predictability versus differentiation and this morning I came across this video about Fred Hoyle's conceptual creations. A metaphor of humanity's desires, or a metaphor of a deeper condition sans technology? I thought this might be enjoyed by others.After watching this video the effects of a species too long in planetary isolation from creatures that are similar and yet not, seems an irony as we are surrounded by them that 75% of which are on the brink of a mass extinction, yet we are concerned with being the subject of a theoretical object that may manipulate us. What of nature and our superimposition upon it? Another reaction is the thought of Stephen Hawking's extraordinary warnings on direct contact..yet our own history shows that innovation of a natural dynamic, or tampering has unpredictable outcomes, yet we go down this course without a beep about self skepticism. The paranormality of the prosaic that taunts the rebellion of nature as a living system, in regard to the sustainability of our being within it's fractal differentiation. Time is perhaps counted in this.The alien may be the nature of which we are but a very small apportionment, over-layed by a mythology or a series of them that unspools through the centuries in various manifestations based on a cultural context much like the nature of the UFO tied at the kneecaps or jugular vein of our projected theories and to consciousness in consideration of it's unknown context. The questions are posed to the non local; What am I like? What do I resemble? The answers that appear remain in a transmutation of quintessence..

Postscript In Real Time
My daughter just drew my attention to CNN and their coverage of a   catastrophic wave action resulting from a earthquake, which will reach the shores of the U.S soon. The synchronicity of this in relation to what I wrote is a misfortune I wish did not occur to those in it's path. The centripetal wave of all that lives on earth and of the earth itself as a living organism quaking in it's rearrangement is perhaps the connection to other states, a strange tie that binds all things. If so, it is a portent. If not, we remain clueless and..tragically astonished.  Is this like the UFO, a compounded quanta of invisible linkages or a random speculation on my own brand of  anthropomorphism? It may be both or none of the above, yet my suspicions grow in a intuitive sense that rationality discards. Einstein versus the beach facing the sea as in the sidebar video...compounded interest and fixation, unpredictability and choice is being pressed against the glass of consensus.

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