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The Lithography of Memory

"The syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words. And if you know the words that the world is made of, you can make of it whatever you wish." -Terrence McKenna

"All media exist to invest our lives with artificial perceptions and arbitrary values. " - Marshall McLuhan

Twisting Linearity: Is Evolution Hindered by a Language Based On Economic Factors?
This post concerns the uncertainty of the creative and it's relationship to the banality of destructive tendencies and influences in evolutionary terms. Perhaps in this, the word addiction bears fruit.  The satiation of  repose as a downward spiral fed by a full stomach, a warm habitation and of course, coinage. In this we ask is evolution now driven by the precepts of economics?
A respected Sufi once observed as we walk into the grave as our new habitation, it is not the good nor the evil we have done to others that is cause for remorse in the remembrance of death. It is when we did neither, we did nothing with the time that is counted. The personal transposition to the sociology of Empire, and the indexes of trade as a sleight of hand when ruminating on value, and perhaps in this self interest becomes a lodging dynamic toward the evolution of communication ,hindered when it comes to terms, rules, and the editorial choices we make, unlike other species.....

The Biology of Words
A new book I have on my reading list is one by Dr Bruce Lipton entitled "The Biology of Belief" which explores the potentiality of how the nature of  consciousness in it's states and stations is a  determinate of  both our genetics and our behavior, which is a topic that I have also explored in terms of memory, without realizing that this area was also of interest to others. It was Antonin Artaud who observed that "All true language is incomprehensible, like the chatter of a beggar's teeth."

The arbitrating operating system of conceptual determinates arising from our use of language as an inversion of evolution, or feedback by the imprinting of cultural memory as a form of spoken genetics that creates a pattern of  potentialities as well as limiting them in an evolutionary process is so unique to our species ( as far as I can tell) that this book promises to be a fascinating read.


What is fascinating to me is how this ties into very abstracted considerations that when fully digested become relatively obvious as to cause some amount of wonder as to why no one had considered such propositions before which directly relates to the concepts behind Biocentrism that proposes that consciousness must be accounted for in any theory regarding the nature and origin of the universe. A green world beyond our sensory perception that has probed it's way onto the cellular as a viral implant which is perhaps relates to the quality of the soil in which it is planted whether it is a harsh environment not prone to mutational adaptations or one that can grasp as a living system, the necessity of differentiation, of the counterweight of spirit manifested onto the raw vegetative matter of predictive certainties in order to upset them by provocation. Some would call this the work of the devil whereas I would say it is yours as well as mine as well as no one's in particular in a cellular framework of intelligence. The potentiality of self organization has been buried in the landfill of recycled materials thousands of years old in cultural terms.  In terms of McKenna's observation that  the "syntactical nature of reality, the real secret of magic, is that the world is made of words.."may have found a material science not found in the correspondences arising from the arcane numerology of the traditional magical arts but in the boardrooms of corporations where there is no conspiracy to be revealed other than the material possessions of controlling human resources in adherence to the ego as a hunter gatherer lodged in the animal instinct of desiring predictability as a reward for a pathological behavior.

Is Uniformity The Death Knell of Diversification?
The domestication of this potentiality creates drones so much to the extent that our unseen agents like to twist our shorts beneath our pants by tying our semantics into elastic knots. While other digest the strange by this domestication set by the edicts of compartmentalized sociology and  binary choices, I welcome them into the camp of encircled wagons and say in so many words, twist away.

Self Medicating Behaviors As A Benchmark of A Genome

All of this directly relates to the cultural arbitration of the human communities dialogs being set by economic considerations that act as literally channels for evolution in various mediums, that leads one to consider how these must be transformed in order to promote growth and differentiation rather than creating a factory production line of mass produced lithographic products proverbially designed to be consumed as an addiction rather than as a choice. Uncertainty and memory as strange bedfellows in the evolution of our species brings to mind the  renewal of a pattern within another strange season in "The Wasteland" by T.S Elliott. The proliferation of our ghosts of what has been as an arbiter of what will be. All of this parabola is placed in a lamentation through the renewal of Spring as a foreboding of the dissolution of illusions ..as in " April is the cruelest month of all.."  is followed by a meditation more than worthy as being a precursor to Lennon's "A Day In The Life" as observation by someone keenly aware that history, personal and otherwise has a surreality that can be cutting.
"Who is the third who walks always beside you?
When I count, there are only you and I together
But when I look ahead, up the white road
There is always another one walking beside you,
Gliding wrapt in a brown mantle, hooded
I do not know whether a man or a woman
--But who is that on the other side of you?
What is that sound high in the air
Murmur of maternal lamentation
Who are those hooded hordes swarming
Over endless plains, stumbling in cracked earth
Ringed by the flat horizon only
What is the city over the mountains
Cracks and reforms and bursts in violet air
Falling towers
Jerusalem Athens Alexandria
Vienna London

Since our earliest origins the transmission of purposeful data with an agenda toward our gathering of the necessities to sustain life has been a two edged sword whether it is a happenstance that is cognizable  or the domesticated variety as a arbitrator for editing the realities we inhabit as a buffering editorial script..the message is the medium ship of our potentialities..the parabola of cycling genomes, that live and die as referents that we steer our stars by. Odd, isn't it? No one has the rudder in a game of bluffs against the uncertainty of tomorrow's hunt. Our cultural shaman appease the intercessory rituals we demand, not as some whim by but what we call necessity and the powers that be, will always oblige, will always tell us what we desire in an economic exchange where information is the human variant of possessing nature's power by proxy. Whether it is an illusion and a sleight of hand over time, becomes a moot point, unless our territorial prerogatives our threatened by perhaps, the nature of nature itself when it will not abide by an agenda. 
Lithography and Templates Considered  
Whether it is pharmaceutical corporations prescribing sociological antidotes for depression and anxiety arising from the edicts of scientific materialism or the sexuality of high performance automobiles, perhaps we are "products" as we are consumers, which is a sobering consequence of the same processes of repetition creating a shared memory that becomes a social arbitrator, as much as did the grade school indoctrination of the "pledge of allegiance". 
Consciousness as an Abraxas can be as much of a damnation as a miraculous gift depending on how well we are fed. The domestication of ourselves as hunter gatherers of data whether it be material or found on various medias has spawned a factory of harnessed productivity that stresses uniformity at any cost in a subservience to the medias that make "1984" a beach party bingo game as a misdirection of attention worthy of Rome. In those times as well as these, the materialism of valuation led Tacitus to describe the relativity of valuating profitability in solely economic terms when at the apex of the  freedom that can be exercised through possession. As he noted the paradox of the surface tension of those had all and more than they could consume. 
"We see many who are struggling against adversity who are happy, and more....... although abounding in wealth, who are wretched."
Ray Bradbury as a prophet tied to the jugular vein of Marshall McLuhan in a engagement of energy brought to you by the heat sink of corporate sponsorship. The vividness of HD. 
 Has consciousness become incorporated and franchised?
  Call it material industrial consciousness, armed to the teeth with buffering compounds. Addiction as a fantasy inducing prescription that creates genetic monstrosities of a strange nature, like a Viet Nam or a Afghanistan.
Beyond the film we are being induced to perform as actors within, life awaits us with the same patience that keeps the moon aloft in our nightly sojourns to unknown assignations with the imaginal realm, to create what does not exist in a material form which is an underrated gift if there ever was one, free as it is from the constraints of social tampering in the environment, like a seed deeply buried in the soil. If the nature of nature is a creative gestalt, than we have secreted from it, an artifice of certainties which condemn us to a hermitage without bars or the necessity of shepherds or jailers. 
"The creative act is a letting down of the net of human imagination into the ocean of chaos on which we are suspended, and the attempt to bring out of it ideas. It is the night sea journey, the lone fisherman on a tropical sea with his nets, and you let these nets down - sometimes, something tears through them that leaves them in shreds and you just row for shore, and put your head under your bed and pray. At other times what slips through are the minutiae, the minnows of this ichthyological metaphor of idea chasing. But, sometimes, you can actually bring home something that is food, food for the human community that we can sustain ourselves on and go forward."   -Terrence Mckenna 
 In another perspective akin to the quantum relationship of the incommensurable and the observer as a creator by the act of observation was ruminated upon centuries ago.
"This manifestation is neither perceptible nor verifiable by the sensory faculties; discursive reason rejects it. It is perceptible only by the Active Imagination (Hadrat al-Khayal...) at times when it dominates man's sense perceptions, in dreams or better still in the waking state (in the state characteristic of the gnostic when he departs from the consciousness of sensuous things). In short, a mystic perception (dhawq) is required. To perceive all forms as epiphanic forms (mazahir), that is, to perceive through the figures which they manifest and which are the eternal hexeities, that they are other than the Creator and nevertheless that they are He, is precisely to effect the encounter, the coincidence, between God's descent toward the creature and the creature's ascent toward the Creator. The "place" of this encounter is not outside the Creator-Creature totality, but is the area within it which corresponds specifically to the Active Imagination, in the manner of a bridge joining the two banks of a river. The crossing itself is essentially a hermeneutics of symbols, a method of understanding which transmutes sensory data and rational concepts into symbols (mazahir) by making them effect this crossing."

Ibn al-'Arabi (1165 - 1240)
Order as the death knell of the mind..comes to mind in these times, were possession is 9\10ths of the rule book in terms of the mediums through which reality is currently arbitrated on a default setting chosen by consumerism rather than a strategic retreat from the tyranny of our memory. Play has been removed from the menu as it is considered to be outside the realm of scientific materialism whether it is music program, the arts, philosophy or theater in the realm of an education. The incommensurable value of these universal languages seems to be largely replaced by a draconian memorization of factoids, arranged and to be imprinted as edicts without so much as a whimper. A world of drones, sent hither and yon by dead factoids as a religiosity of worshiping the autonomic. I saw children being loaded onto a bus this morning. 
April is the cruelest month of all.
Play It Again, Sam,
 The wolves imagine they are sheep in my world, which may not be necessarily yours but is one were intended by circumstance to share in at least the theories of democracy that hide the black shadow of the terror of the majority to impose dreams, to improvise reality as a game field with prizes and punishments for our cultural memory recedes behind us as a genetic stream of behaviors lock stepped to the potentialities of consciousness made uniform.  You ask why this is so. The medium is the message, from the stirrup to the computer, the manufacturing of the material as innovations has created a world where we have become subservient extensions and not the other way around in this mountainous terrain of the consciousness of dreams  The physics of information is our genome. In this we have the recycling of history as a genome of memory that becomes set pieces of a theatrical pose that has many roles and masks and so the same observations may apply, as time goes by, waiting for the phone to ring.

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