Thursday, February 17, 2011

Are Realities As Contingencies A Hexagraph?

A hexagraph (from the Greek: ἕξ, héx, "six" and γράφω, gráphō, "write") is a sequence of six letters used to represent a single sound (phoneme), or a combination of sounds that do not correspond to the individual values of the letters.

If we take this rubric and apply it to sentience, what we have are semiotic relationships wherein one word or term is meaningless unless it is in a related context of another term, whether this is transposed to a visual or an audio context or several modalities combined,, or the internal symbology imprinted in the mind from without through these mediums, that is played with with the tools which have been gathered as measuring devices. Hunter gatherers of the mind. Everything in our bones tells us of the fragility of our host that has a beginning, a middle and an end. Yet, time itself has been superseded by space and in this, all bets on the causal linearity of our experiential reality are off as far as the edges of science are concerned. If this is so we inhabit parallel universes. One as described with a sequencing we are familiar with, and another whose language we cannot ascertain.

In a sense, we are mediums divining conceptual dreams as it were from the many parallel streams of information we have a experiential grasp upon. All this is confirm by language as a transceiving exchange of referents that have no existence of their own although we tend to think they do, which is a nasty business as far as the angels of our better nature are concerned.

We assume we are the drivers but for the most part, the steering, the differential gears and the shock absorbers are conceptual will of the wisps, and so we have a sort of half life going on, a sort of informational trance..induced by nature in order that we abide by her needs. Someone once called this paying off the debt of existence.

Of course then in the paranormal realm a smell or fragrance can be a sentence, a cryptology of visual transpositions constitute a translation to be made otherwise the  irrationality of such exchanges would be absent, or they would be as prosaic as a piece of junk mail, but they are not, are they?

We seemingly try to use our own prosaic orientations in a hexagraphic sense, when we attempt to discern the portent of unusual experiences, so much so that Ufology is largely a joke played upon itself.
Peeling away the layers of thought to perception, to awareness, to semiotics, to the lithography of memory, to the parallel processing of sentience itself  leads one along into a very strange environment where words are irrelevant, knowledge is a provincialism, and self fulfilling logic is a bane, but then what is there, behind all this entangled business of referents as a mirror through which we perceive? Aye, there's the rub...

How do we describe space without a stick? Energy without a coupling relationship? A footstep without a bipedal movement?

This was the aim of the surrealists in advance of quantum physics although they were stereotyped in the context of Freudian theory in relation to the unconscious, or Id. But then one must ask, how do we define what is unconscious? Are we conscious? Using ourselves as an arbitration factor in setting demarcations in relational terms is the bane of astrobiology, theories of evolution and our own propensity to rationalize the hell out of cross purposed babble.

In my dealings with non biological entities, the apparent is absolutely useless and the first rule of order superimposed on the transcription of the strange is to place chaos on a elevated operating platform and not assume that the reordering of a garbled experience is the correct transcription as I may as well have invented it myself, which I have from time to time, as we all have.

However, in the lexicography of many such experiences, the context of the strange becomes a sort of cryptographic reordering of semiotics that over time, becomes less threatening and more fascinating. Remaining neutral is a impossibility and anyone who tells you they are objective toward the anomalous is lying through their teeth. The non local as superimposed on the local as a transcription brings to mind Plato as seen through a kaleidoscope of  relationships built like a stack of randomly placed straw. Yet, so many individuals take them at face value and superimpose upon a transcribed hexagraph and smash it and jam it into the geometries of right angles..just as language does with thought as a pack rat's companion. How odd. Is reality in of itself a hexagraph?  I think so. A individuated fractal of the whole may simply constitute a vowel.

In my own madness, a envision a Frank Sinatra type in a polka dot pork pie hat snapping his finders while proclaiming; "Monkey see, monkey do, baby.."

Or perhaps in some very strange parallel universe, we are looked upon as a weather system of dreams with tensional systems that are centripetally driven by a strange cybernetic data stream of dreams, a quantum  hexagraph that measures as as pressure points in a shared topology that has no visible quadrants. Forecasting human weather based on the veracity of coherence and chaos as relational high and low pressure systems, in a relativity of veracity.

We are perhaps phonemes of an odd transcription in the cartography of a dreaming universe.

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  1. It's good to have you back at the keyboard commenting on and engaging the human condition.