Monday, February 23, 2015

The Chaotic As Coherence Turned Strange

“It is still not enough for language to have clarity and content…it must also have a goal and an imperative. Otherwise from language we descend to chatter, from chatter to babble, and from babble to confusion.”
― RenĂ© Daumal

‘But the bits and pieces of mind which appear before consciousness invariably give a false picture of mind as a whole. The systemic character of mind is never there depicted, because the sampling is governed by purpose.
We never see in consciousness that the mind is like an ecosystem – a self-corrective network of circuits. We only see arcs of these circuits."
-Gregory Bateson

The centuries roll past us and strange phenomenon remain transiting in the sky and on the earth....and we as witnesses remain perplexed as to their nature as well as our own...

Can a goldfish in a bowl undertake a meta-analysis of itself being a goldfish? Or does it present itself as a question of how the goldfish has formed conceptual models toward those of a more amphibious nature? The human being as a bridge or as Huxley suggested, an amphibian between a proverbial land and sea, or an isthmus of the two states of matter? An unknown symmetry that appears to have motion whereas such movement may be a construct that bears no relation to being a goldfish at all? Can we innovate the prosaic to encompass the strange?

One could say this is not representative of one slippery slope but several toward an ecology of the strange as opposed to what Gregory Bateson in effect, termed our defining of reality as a singularity the equivalent of a self imposed imprisonment.

A great deal of what has interested me lately falls under the general topic of the superimposition of parallel realities which many represent parallel universes of information and more importantly how one is synchronized with the other. Superimposition is a poor choice as a descriptor of what I suspect is occurring as it suggests one field if placed upon the other whereas it appears that the transient coherence of synchronization is more like a permeability that both exhibit via many simultaneous and parallel paths. A cross mirroring effect that results in the hybridization of information as well as energy that requires a trigger, to put it simply.In it's raw undifferentiated form it is simply a plasma like and spherical high energy field and if energy and information are transferable does this equate to a incalculable and incommensurable assault on our established pathways of coherence in relation to how we process information? Persinger has gone so far as to suggest an "extra-solar" transient atmospheric event. 

It seems this transcription process results in both similarities to our orientations and dissimilarities The end result seems like a caricature of our bank of images represented as a “ghost object” whose dimensionality and physicality follow this hybridization process that both conform and do not conform to the limits of our physical laws. It seems this process does an end run around either \ or. I suspect that this unknown field is chaotic to us if it were to be viewed directly as it appears to resemble a singularity composed of so much entangled information that our capacitance could not encompass the vastness of this proverbial data bank, and so the observer creates coherence of a hybridized nature. This may be due to what information is stored in the observer as imagined matches that are based on associative processes when confronted with ( to put it simply) the “chaos” of this field.

Perhaps this is a neurological process similar to reductionism.

How many variants of humanoid hybridization are possible? Here is a sampling...

Interestingly, most commentators fall into one of two camps placed on a divide between physicality and non physicality and both arrive at untenable positions.

I used to use the word “deconstructive” to describe this process but now I suspect more likely is a relationship much like transsignification that requires a signifier and the signified in a feedback process that reflects parallelisms and requires a strange variant of the word transmutation.

What results is anticipation and memory are reprocessed through another modality as mirror objects.

It seems to modify the current definition of the observer effect in that spacetime as matter of referents in semiotics have no present tense which conforms to the nature of anomalous phenomenon and so a synthesis of these conceptual models appears to take place. The observer effect seems to be a information exchange as a matter of feedback.

An anomalous tree does not fall in this forest without an observer synchronized to the aspects of information fields in spacetime having no referents to sidereal time. They are “dream-like”.

I also suspect that these information fields of the observers contain varying amounts of information shared by distribution and if we look closer, while we can append a wave of sightings that have strong similarities if we look closer they are not exact as well as the other suspicions I have suggests that ( as the surrealists did ) these images are not of a conscious or self aware nature, and the observer is not directly aware of them.

The semi-physicality seems also to depend of the degree these information fields combine as a nexus of information as to the size of the field of shared information harnessed to anticipation as a variant of intent. The more the number of shared processes there are, the more physicality these “ghost images” exhibit. 

I cannot help but wonder if this is an unknown form of evolution taking evolution based on the relationships that are changing between the observer and the observed. I also suspect Nature does not file this under either a reward or as a punishment. The relativity of valuation depends on who is looking.

And so I am left holding a bag of suspicions so far afield from others that as they say one “must go it alone”...and toward what?...a very strange symmetry that bears no correlation to an established architecture of referents. There is no simplicity inherent in any of this, only the layers of an onion that is veiled by social scripting which avoids such things as a poison. I may be coming to a crest of a hill of lunacies or may encounter what I dread the most. No reward, no punishment under the rays of a strange sun in total darkness.

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  1. Traveling is not so bad. It is interesting how the homeless have more commonality than the fixed. I heard a few have passed through, from time to time. The instinct to keep going at least is probably good for something.

    What is a few years, or a lifetime, or aeons, or other universes, to the magic of being unfixed? Or why is that being unforgiven not anything but the heretic wondering and wandering?

    Talk about your narrow escapes. Makes for interesting monsters.
    I think fear is just the fixed parts being not ready to become something else. Probably just learned behavior, or getting comfortable with the symbols of rest.