Monday, December 15, 2014

The Singularity of Alien Abductions and Near Death Experiences

The Anthropology of Anomalies

If the basis of human consciousness is the enfolding of images onto imagination that is organised by thought and language, are there similarities in what we classify as two entirely different events?
One could say that the basis of our knowledge is incomplete and so the matrix of mythologies may constitute a living organism whose orientation resembles our own and yet evolves over time, borrowing from our cultural environment, for which the paranormal reflects by the borrowing it's adaptations as a inverse mirror of our state of self awareness.

“People say that what we’re all seeking is a meaning for life. I don’t think that’s what we’re really seeking. I think that what we’re seeking is an experience of being alive, so that our life experiences on the purely physical plane will have resonances with our own innermost being and reality, so that we actually feel the rapture of being alive.”

― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth

A Societal Confluence

The Near Death Experience is directed inwardly and the resulting examination as a constant is based one's choices in relation to thought as a reactive behaviorism.
The Alien Abduction is positioned outwardly, and the consistent examination of the experiencer’s body, rather than the former. One could characterize both as ritual initiations where the individual is isolated from the larger community of consensus and shown other forms of sentience manifested as humanoid who perform a set pattern repeated again and again.
Both involve radiant energy or light as formulated and expressed by a tunnel whose main function is to draw the individual from one orientation to the other. One is the physical body being lifted in defiance of gravity and the other is the same effect focused on the separation of the mind from the body. One is the aspect of our existence by immersion into a technologically driven society where individual choice is a lesser commodity as in the Alien Abduction ritual and the Near Death Experience is focused on the individual as master of their fate. Both statements could be said to be true only in the presence of the other, otherwise, our portrait of our own orientation would be incomplete.
One easily looks at oneself as the embodiment of both the tangible body as well as the intangible thought of the mind and yet these two aspects of ourselves represent a symbiosis or, another way to represent the two aspects of ourselves as organisms is to say we bridge two worlds.
One is the exterior environment and the other is the interior environment or ecology in nature. 
Yet both are dependent on one another in our specific orientation. One does not exist in our terms without the other.
One version of this tunnel of light leads to a spacecraft peopled by exploiting humanoid extraterrestrials ( "others") and the other leads to a “heaven” where this version is peopled by guiding and emphatic humanoid Angels.  
The alien abduction scenario has all the chief characteristics of physicality and the other is characterized by it’s non material nature, and yet both represent a transpersonal experience that relates to images embedded in the mind by way of stored memories provided by social scripting that are patterns of various stereotypes arising by the sharing and transference of set images that lead to conceptual modelling. One could say the dualism perceived in the individual being represented by the intangible versus the physical is mirrored by the same in the individual versus the society he or she is
within, and the confluence results in hybridised experiential anomalies that reflect this divide while being two sides of the same coin.
One could fall back onto the duality represented by the innovation of a religious theology invented by Zoroaster and also promulgated as an extension by the Egyptians. In this case of dualism you have a metaphysical basis of dualism expressed by a brotherhood of light versus a brotherhood of darkness. In the case of Zoroaster, the realms occupied by meta-realities and that of sensate reality are bridged literally by the image of the Chinvat Bridge that serves as a means of conveyance from one realm to the other, which has been replaced by the metaphor of light energy being channeled within the linearity of a tunnel, solar light being the source of living organism whether they be as intangible as thought or as physical as the body. In both cases of Alien Abduction and Near Death Experience the simulation of light unites them.

Living Metaphors

One could say in theological terms ( borrowing from Christian texts) one is a greater resurrection and the other, the lesser resurrection. One is characterized by the return of the physical body to earth as in Alien Abductions and the living from the dead and the other is separation from the living to the realm of the dead in Near Death Experiences
Both have been characterized as the myths of the eternal return. or the passage from one state to another that transverses both directions.
The alien abduction scenario is characterized by a societal emphasis where one is admonished to “do as I say” whereas the other is characterized by individual choice.
One is a closed room and the other is a open universe.
One could say this was a meta-reality that denotes a relationship between the two positions of the individual thus uniting them and yet most paranormal studies separate them into isolated categorical events while completely ignoring their context in everyday life which is why in the past I have said that the paranormal is dependent on what we have identified as normal without looking below the surfaces of their appearance.
However, before a veneer of charismatic mysticism descends on this portrait we must consider neurology as being a carrier of such experiences, either as a root cause or a carrier and in either circumstance, the relationship in the mind of processing information from the environment as simulations is inverted where the inside becomes the outside or appears to be so and as a result we fall into labeling all such experiences in a false ontology that, in turn denotes this as a example of physicality whereas much like a dream , it is both non existent in physical terms and yet is experienced.
If any of this is true to any extent, then the question is not one of analyzing the effect as isolated from the triggering mechanisms but rather what environmental and internal factors as precursors create the conditions where such extraordinary waking dreams occur.


  1. Even light gets curved. Now, as far as that connection goes, why?

    Of course, NDE, being tracked and taken by whirlwinds, and trying to straighten out is the stuff of legends. Little bits and pieces of that are studied, and no one knows. Wormhole stuff.

    Strange how what is doing the bending and curving is supposed to be the ground state. Those old Gnostics probably learned to parlay with dust devils, and were caught up in the process.

  2. I am agnostic toward science in relation to the possibility that these two co-joined events can be explained by physics in my lifetime. I tend toward the doubtful end of the spectrum towards any coherent resolution.
    That being said I think the direct metaphorical and mythological connection in meaning to the human condition in regard to our situation has and will probably always be there in one form or another.

    1. I don't agree these states are wholly 'non-existent' in physical terms - some of the most bizarre and inexplicable incidents of 'high strangeness' in the 'ufo' archives (the Hopkinsville 'Goblins' case and the Cennina ‘Landing’ spring to mind) would initially seem to call into question the sanity of the witnesses, despite the obviously genuine terror the experiences caused them. Similarly, the credentials of serious 'scientific' investigators such as Dr. J. Allen Hynek are questioned when the obviously sincere (though scarcely believable) testimony of sane and credible eye-witnesses must eventually be accepted as honest and genuine.

      This demonstrates the impotency of rational 'scientific method' when confronted with such baffling and incomprehensible cases. It seems incapable of engaging with these on any level, often attempting to ridicule those involved and/or dismiss such incidents as 'obvious hoaxes' while never actually demonstrating precisely how these have been accomplished or indeed why and to what end? (The poor farming families involved in the Hopkinsville incident were driven from their home by the unwanted publicity within 48 hours and incurred the significant costs of expensive repairs to the leased farmstead which they could ill-afford.)

      Despite the surreal and 'dreamlike' qualities of these reports witnesses typically (and independently) corroborate the accounts of the others present (including detailed sketches of the entities encountered) and investigators, most notably in the Hopkinsville case, found the detail and sequence of events recalled by the multiple witnesses unchanged over a year later.

      In both cases, significant physical evidence (including substantial damage to the farmhouse in the Hopkinsville case and fresh, deep indentations in the ground in the Cennina case) was observed and recorded by law enforcement officers as well as various independent investigators and reporters. This would seem to prove that whatever phenomena occurred in these incidents, it had a 'real' and tangible presence that left observable, physical effects on the surroundings and thus they cannot simply be purely subjective, psychic events or 'consensual hallucinations'.

    2. I would say there is an anthropological aspect to these NDE and Alien Abduction events regardless of the true or not true nature of them. Further, I would not lump all experiences as being created equal when an out of the body event is not attached to them as in the Hopkinsville case. We may be dealing with several root causes instead of one. I think it's an error ( at least at this point ) to suggest trace evidence confirms the physicality of what was witnessed, as there may or may not be a neurological effect in processing information caused by a localized energy field as well as psychological causes. Regardless, the subject in my essay are specifically those events attributed with out of the body experiences and not others that are all lumped together under one umbrella..
      Of course, you may be right...and you may be wrong as the others are concerned and I appreciate your comment.

  3. Interesting! Never been abducted, but have had NDE! Multiple car crash, DUI driver cause, and being the car everybody piles on is to say the least "frightening"! Trying not to take the life of the person on front of you, and knowing you may not survive the oncoming hits from behind you, your life does and will pass before your eyes. As if watching a slo motion re-run of your life's events in vivid detail replay themselves, I came to know and understand I was'nt afraid to die, and that my children would be taken care of. Having literally seconds left to contemplate the things you have done,your state of mind I believe plays a part in how you experience that particular encounter...for me it was accepting death and my state of mind was at peace if I did'nt make it out alive. I can't pretend to imagine what an abduction would be or feel like, but imprisonment against ones' own will and not fully understanding the charges, or being a victim of something beyond your control is unimaginable, until you experience it yourself! For me, the white light was acceptance of my death. Trying not not to take some else's' life maybe gave me a second chance? Maybe that's why I walked away from that multi-car crash? i don't know? But I do seem to have increased my sixth sense ability, and have a better understanding of some things than I previously had! Never been abducted, but I can only imagine their particular trauma!?