Wednesday, December 3, 2014

The Haunted Self

While chopping and cutting through the underbrush in search of a clearing in a dense forest of dead ends, misdirections and illusions, I often think that Werner Herzog’s story regarding the difficulties of filming in the jungle is an analogy and the title seems apt as “The Conquest of The Useless”.
In past essays, several were devoted to the concept wherein the observer / participant in anomalous experience is, in effect, the driver of such experiences, most notably in EVP phenomenon.
Of course those familiar with the subject know that I am swimming upstream against the current which is filled with pathological ghost hunters, psychological self prophecies and both are wrapped neatly gift wrapped in simple, easy to understand infotainments.
In this situation, I was very pleasantly surprised to find another hapless explorer on the same path albeit a parallel path.
Dr Barry Taft has some very similar concepts as this writer on the subject of the anomalous.


  1. Taft has worked with a "skeptical psychic", Jack Rourke, who demystifies in much the same manner. In a particularly robust haunted house, Rourke was able to sense the energy produced by an underground water source which seemed to cause hauntings. The water source was found to be present later.

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