Saturday, December 6, 2014

Part One of Enfolded Singularities

A Zoology of Ghosts

"I was born in a cloud...
Now I am falling.
I want you to catch me.
Look up and you'll see me.
You know you can hear me.
The world is so loud. Keep falling. I'll find you.
We're over a forest.
There's millions of snowflakes.
We're dancing."

"Snowflakes" -Kate Bush

No two snowflakes are alike and yet they are all snowflakes.
Where does this lead me? Could all forms of consciousness be one?
Awareness leads to perception and so this morning , on a rainy day, my mind wanders to an obscure outpost of conjectures on the possibility of what would constitute awareness without thought. One could say I am implying that thought is an effect as well as inferring that something else..lurks beyond the effect termed as thought. I suspect there is and it's domain extends beyond "individuality".

The Simulations of Self As A Ghost Phenomenon
This is an extension of previous essays expressed as the Self being a simulation or the current divisional perspective of how we classify ghosts and the fear identified with thought that if ourselves as identified as thought and  our thoughts ceased, annihilation would occur .....although space abhors a vacuum and information is never lost but is reconstituted....and in this perspective we may be one ghost out of a zoology of ghosts in a ecology of one species of ghost versus another and yet all exists in a relational nexus.

I am writing this in between chores around the house and it serves a way to make my wandering thoughts more cogent to myself as I make a batch of chili. I suppose it is my restless nature coming out of a sense of existential boredom that propels me into writing today and having read a John C Lilly interview earlier today, his remark that boredom in of itself is a chief feature of our species that compels us toward as many directions and mishaps, revelations as possible, I think my imagination fills in those resting states. It always has, for better or worse. I could be building bird houses instead.

Image and imagination and their entangled nature posed against rationality.
The linearity of thought in a non linear universe.
 Long ago I had read "Grist For The Mill" by Ram Dass and in one section of this autobiography he wrote an extended piece on consciousness without thought and it was so well written as an exposition, it left a gaping question mark indelibly printed in my mind, filed away in some remote corner of my memory.

The provinces of the mind simulate relationships within the finite mathematics of thought which up to a similarly finite limit allows us to imagine what we have not directly experienced.
One could consider both the structural calculations of thought as well as the inverse, the anti-structural mirror images in dreams to have an intercessory nexus that overlays consciousness as processing information as if it were a axial stomach whose embedded relational conceptions as simulations are self referential leading back to their context, as a set and subset of symbols, or referents.

We appear as individuated closed systems and yet this might not be an either\or situation. We may be one point of reference linked to the compounded infinity of other points of reference constituting a many dimensioned probe that has created spacial relations.

Pointillism comes to mind.

The Holography of Parallel Processing

I suspect consciousness does not require thought, and that thought may be peculiar to our species, which is certainly true due to the uniqueness of the environment we have adapted to in relation to other forms of sentience who have adapted to others.

One can easily see an example of this in Cetaceans ( dolphins) as well as other species. One wonders if consciousness is a singular field that is only differentiated by those conditions to which it adapts as a nexus of manifestation, whether it is triangulated dimensionally in a fish, a canine or a human being as processes not of themselves but as constituents of an aggregate sum.

Alan Watts suggested this is an example of parallel processing as Dr Persinger used a similar metaphor of all the permutations of awareness being similar to a network of individual computers. One thinks of a sphere composed of fractals as probes differentiated by species.

One could say this would be represented by a singular creature or sentience that could possibly be a local planetary system networked into other such computational systems located elsewhere as branches of a fractal tree expanding in the creation of spatial relations, which requires no purpose in of itself as we imagine one to be.

So, there is a stronger probability, that given we encountered another formulation of consciousness that is dissimilar to our own, we would encounter not only our own equivalent of a foreign language but the axis of this others species sentience might not be located in thought and so it could be communicated in images that are transpositions which could be mimicked into our own form of simulating that occurs in the human mind, however such an exchange would probably require the loss of transpositioning or as John C Lilly once said “ In more modern terms you have done a mathematical transformation in which your center of consciousness has ceased to be a travelling point and has become a surface or solid of consciousness... “

In other words, all the identifiers that transpose in the simulations of thought which divides, creates sidereal time by comparisons, would go by the wayside, would probably cease to exist as a lens. The boundaries between these demarcations would become non-existent as one would become the information field itself and vice versa. One could say that this concept cannot be expressed, it would be experienced without the intercession of thought. My imagination fades in it's clarity at the entrance to what might be another plane of existence.

All of the above brings to mind Vallees considerations of a physics of information expressed as energy being the equivalent of information and that the spatial nature of an individual nexus of manifestation is incommensurable to it’s total expressions which infers the concept that information, energy is material in it’s nature regardless of how it’s appended, which brings to mind Idn Al Arabi’s concept of nondelimitation as a radiating axis of all possibilities unconfined by the imposition of limits , as their basis is in relationship, separation would require them to be non existents or entirely self relational and of course this is not so which can be self verified by experience.
As always I find him challenging in relation to "thinking in other categories" and regardless of our associations wrought in the follies of theology where the rational clashes with the intuitive, his concepts remain intriguing.

“To call Real Being “one” is to speak of the unity of the Essence. In other terms, it is to say that Being—Light in itself—is nondelimited (mutlaq), that is, infinite and absolute, undefined and indefinable, indistinct and indistinguishable. In contrast, everything other than Being—every existent thing (mawjûd)—is distinct, defined, and limited. The Real is incomparable and transcendent, but it discloses itself (tajallî) in all things, so it is also similar and immanent. It possesses such utter nondelimitation that it is not delimited by nondelimitation. “God possesses Nondelimited Being, but no delimitation prevents Him from delimitation. On the contrary, He possesses all delimitations, so He is nondelimited delimitation” (Ibn ‘Arabî, al-Futûhât, 1911
edition, 3:162.23).

Intuitions of Perception
Perhaps, as the Sufi's suggest, the metaphysical heart is the unitary principle that emotes without editorial purview at foot, that I have often thought of as a carrier waves, perhaps it knows what thought cannot accept and in my many explorations of the state of that inexplicable and intangible organ of perception is awareness without thought. Childhood enfolded into the eyes of adults through those voices whispering just below the threshold of hearing. In this I am reminded of Arabi's use of the term essence and its relationship to the terminology of perfumes, wherein many ingredients ( as in an individual ) are distilled into a single admixture.

Past. Present, Future seem to roil as an undertow through lapping waves on the shore as the often mystical Kate Bush describes this sense as a fog bound harbor..perhaps it's an appropriate coda to my meanderings among as many shadows beyond counting...through this rainy afternoon in...the sensual world.

The chili is done..until the next time.

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