Thursday, September 25, 2014

To See What Happens

An Experiment of Realities
When I wrote "The Surrealism of Realism" I intentionally left out the premise behind it which is how an outsider coming into this world would view how we imagine the world to be while not knowing what it is. By putting it in the first person singular, it seemed more compelling to me. In this I suggested that the paranormal community, religious communities and the scientific community practice what Charles Fort called "witchcraft". 
I wrote;

"In the battle between the empirical science community and the paranormal community can one be be a conscientious objector? Each side claims victory lacking a conclusive argument while neither side realizes that in this game, one hand is washing the other in a cooperative movement in competition to pin the tail on the donkey while the donkey is missing in action.

Both the scientific community and the paranormal community seemingly exist in a world dictated by their own terminology in what Robert Anton Wilson categorized as variants of "naive realism" in that with science, by repetition, blurs the line between theory and fact as does the paranormal community strictly on the basis of contingencies that become pseudo guidelines of consensus subject to a deeper scrutiny. "

Perhaps this is evidence for the absence of humility in the face of the enigma of life, or the descent into making square pegs fir into round holes. And yet the game remains afoot, regardless of how we imagine it's fixed nature whereas it seemingly has none...or does it?

"Witchcraft always has a hard time, until it becomes established and changes its name. We hear much of the conflict between science and religion, but our conflict is with both of these*. Science and religion always have agreed in opposing and suppressing the various witchcrafts. Now that religion is inglorious, one of the most fantastic of transferences of worships is that of glorifying science, as a beneficent being. It is the attributing of all that is of development, or of possible betterment to science. But no scientist has ever upheld a new idea, without bringing upon himself abuse from other scientists. Science has done its utmost to prevent whatever science has done." -Charles Fort( Lo!)

* As mentioned, I would add the paranormal community at large to this list.

Last night before I awoke I found myself in an enormous building full of stainless steel piping, banks of instrumentation, huge conduits of bundled wiring going here and there and there sitting around a prosaic picnic table were several scientists \ technicians in white lab coats. I asked them a question. “How would you explain to a layman in the simplest possible terms, what you do?”
For quite some time they seemed flummoxed, silent…and so I walked away going further into this cavernous building. As I wandered, snow began to fall all around me. I felt someone was watching me and sure enough, a figure darted behind some equipment and I awoke.
I lay in bed with my eyes opened in a twilight awareness of my surroundings and thought to myself their lack of an answer was striking and then I remembered that bothersome previous post and how an outsider would view our imagining of what this life is all about in relation to not knowing.
Well, would you answer the question? I thought about those technician \ scientists and their profession which is….experimentation. Why is a experiment conducted? To see what happens. How? You take something out of context place it in a new environment and subject it to forces it would not normally encounter, or you try different combinations of what already exists and recombine them and of course prior to this you imagine these experiments prior to acting upon them in any physical way. So I saw in my minds eye, several things,  a super collider, Ben Franklin lofting a kite up into an electrical storm..chemists synthesizing plastics. The result was something never seen before in a physical form.
Where else could this simple concept be applied? At once I thought of Nature being an experiment. A tree, a dinosaur, a centipede, a human being….all being the result of the same processes, and for lack of a better term in this case,,, mutations..caused by the environment creating something never seen before.
The previous form is buried in the genome of living things remains as it’s original constitution as a invisible thread strung between various expressions of physicality. What every form that is present is actually a legion of physical forms, all of which are transient according to what was seen to happen as a result of experimentation just like synthetics, or the harnessing of electricity.
To see what happens.
My thoughts turned the other way and I saw Thomas Edison in his laboratory ..working with hundred os combinations of materials to create one filament that would work for his imagined electrical light. Or, the thousands of plant samples used to create synthetic rubber. In other words, the scope of the samples..the variety of possible combinations.
The going in the opposite direction, I thought that as I lay in bed, there are seven billion possible combinations of our species roaming the surface of this sphere. To see what applied to this. As one of seven billion, I wondered how many of them are questioning this reality of imagining what the world is while not knowing. You have a variety of results.
Then it came to the question behind the question, what sort of experiment is this? What is conducting this experiment?  What is the point of experimentation and is there an imagined result? If so, what would it be? If I followed my own reductionist premise it would be to create something never seen before that would incorporate a greater utility in it’s environment.
I thought to myself, all of this has to do with variables of two kinds. One is pre-existing and the other is introduced as the aim of the experiment to see what happens. So..if this is so ( I thought) then all of the variability of the human being is fairly preset so to speak, perhaps more so now than in the past. So if this is true all phenomenon is fair game to consider in this context of the human being. And paranormal experiential reality an experiment? 

"Would we if we could, educate and sophisticate pigs, geese, cattle? Would it be wise to establish diplomatic relations with the hen that now functions, satisfied with mere sense of achievement by way of compensation? I think we're property" -Charles Fort ( The Book of The Damned )
    I thought back to the last time I made an approach to any possible quintessence to this question. I circled the field without finding the conditions for a landing..the information field in particular in relation to a experiment.

    Part Two to follow….and several of my correspondents have noticed a trend no matter where one wanders on the internet and this appears to have been more striking with the passing of Mac Tonnies. That is to say, whether one reads the popular websites that are compendiums of paranormal news or blogs, they all appear to be collections of disconnected events as reported without any philosophical consideration as to their connections to one another which was Mac's forte, so to speak. There seems to be a lack of introspection or even rumination on their import....and so we soldier on to wonder as we wander with more questions than answers.

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