Friday, August 22, 2014

Scientific Theories of The Mind \ Brain Relationship..and UAP?

This essay reflects a very close similarity to the edge of the known that unidentified atmospheric phenomenon presents, among a host of other experiential anomalies as the theories are as diverse as those found littering the base of a strange landscape.  As I perennially suspect a connection between the two, perhaps others do as well. This is a subject that classical so called "ufology" has patently ignored which has been the subject of this blog for many a year.
Note their use of language to attempt a description which reminds me of the pseudo-language of popular  "paranormal" media. As always, the descriptors are not what is described.


  1. Thanks for the link, Bruce... great article! I was "forced" to update one of my own posts with a quote from it. ;-)

    Of course, "ufology" is another can of worms... or (as you so aptly ask) is it? Or, is it simply a matter of "as above, so below" - or vice versa - when interpreting our "strange landscape"?

  2. One issue ( may ) lead to another, or to paraphrase as inside, so outside in terms of the difficulty of determining the locality of either one.