Wednesday, August 13, 2014

A Review of UFO Danger Zone

This book details the results of a thorough field investigation by the late Bob Pratt of disturbing encounters with unidentified atmospheric phenomenon in the remote regions of Brazil. As outlined by Jacques Vallee in his introductory comments, this work is notable in that it truly is a result of field work unlike most so called research that simply is a self referential study of the literature already in place.The levitation of individuals, the simultaneous sensations of burning and freezing experienced by them, the detailed and consistent descriptions of a net like matrix within the light source is food for thought, let alone, the resulting illnesses and premature deaths that are perhaps related to this phenomenon.
What drew me to this book was the uncontaminated nature of the witnesses, freed from the contamination of mass media or the prospect of gain through notoriety.
A striking aspect of the witness’s common reaction to their being pulled upward from the ground in these beams was one of intentional abduction although no abduction took place.
It appears that it was an effect of proximity.
A close examination of the photographs of these witnesses underscores the old adage that a picture is worth a thousand words.
Pratt offers no conclusive argument or theory as to the why and wherefore of what occurred.
This, in of itself is laudable
I highly recommend this book for those who have managed to retain a modicum of open mindedness toward unidentified atmospheric phenomenon.


  1. Thanks for the heads up on this book. Have you read Vallee's novel "Strategem"? While fiction, I'm guessing from statements he's made that the novel format gave him the freedom to conjecture on what happened in Brazil. Oh well, yet more to add to the ever growing "to read" list...

    1. Sean
      I will have to add "Strategem" to my own list of 'to read" although in his preface to the book, Vallee offers no theory as to explain these bizarre events. What struck me about these incidents was their lack of any discernible purpose, other than being drawn to this person or those persons in that recurring pattern of remoteness where they were encountered.
      Another striking characteristic across the board was the victim experiencing a simultaneous sensation of freezing and burning while being "pulled" by this light source.
      This corresponds to another "paranormal" experience level in alleged "ghost" encounters, where the sensation of being touched is accompanied by very cold or "freezing" sensations, only to be rapidly followed by a burning times with evidence ( more often than not) of actual burns of a minor degree.
      Isolated from the unknown cause, this medical or physical symptom would be interesting to study. It reminds me somewhat of a state of dehydration due to high internal body temperatures..seen in severe cases of influenza etc.
      Vet strange stuff to mull over.

  2. I'm reading the book now, Bruce, so thanks for the heads up. My head is completely twisted over the hot oil poured on victims who held onto trees, plants or fences in order to stay grounded. That sounds so human!

  3. Knocker
    My own read of the "hot oil" accounts is that I am not certain if they can be taken literally. It does sound medieval, as if a castle wall were being defended in a similar manner. I do know that medically this sensation is comparable to the injection of certain medications into the bloodstream.
    Beyond this..I am ( of course) as puzzled as everyone else.

  4. You also might want to check out Vallee's scifi ufo treatment "Fastwalkers," Bruce.

  5. For further insights and information regarding the early UFO work of Bob Pratt, I recommend the following two links, which are concerned with source materials about the MJ-12 hoax that AFOSI Sgt. Richard C. Doty and William Moore tried to rope Pratt into in the early 1980's, and which he rejected becoming involved in after initially "playing along" in order to gather data on what Doty and Moore were really up to and stupidly trying to achieve.

    MJ-12 subsequently "metastasized" in subsequent years, and Moore and Doty still will not admit their destructive roles in helping create and promote this terrible and scandalous fraud.

    1. Steve
      Thanks for the linkage. I got a chuckle when Pratt suggested they publish the material as a work of fiction. Talk about a very dry sense of humor...