Saturday, May 31, 2014

UAP As An Inexact Copy of Tasking

An Unworkable Classification System Based On Appearances Alone

One of the issues involved in anomalous experiential reports is the central issue this post highlights that of the enormous variation of forms and images observed in UAP reports.
All of which are surrealistic and inexact copies of common concepts held by our species.
That if one removes the binding identifiers of language and associative concepts,what is obvious is that we have many similarities to discrete identifiers ( humanoids, spaceships, angels, etc etc) that are incommensurable to a classical explanation yet we have a filing system that runs on appearances. If this were so, snow is separated from rain, fresh water from saline. etc. There would be no shared genetic material among species using this type of surface analysis. I am thinking of Arthur C Clarke's Second Law in terms of what this possibility of a unifying principle behind disparate images could portend in that he said "The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible."

Shared Characteristics of UAP, Consciousness States and Latent Constructions

Four years ago, I complied a list of behavioral characteristics ( 15) that ( using just two out of many examples ) that are shared by UAP and classical ghost phenomenon. The only divisor is what they appear to be. yet they are not what they appear to be by combining classical physics with quantum physics.
In the latest version of a theory that unites the two versions of physics we have a new model of copying energetic information called “Constructor Theory” In other words, the universe is like a big book of tasks that can be copied in classical physics.
However in a quantum state an exact copy cannot be made which introduces uncertainty which is organised by the nature of the observer, a sort of general relativity of form and so, is it possible to make an inexact copy?  Consider this to be a parallel of a dream state whose experiential nature entangled with their observers have no task that could be equated with a waking state, much like UAP phenomenon.

In other words, I also see a correlation between the inner world of the human mind and the outer world of our environment , meaning that the sum total of information stored in the mind is not used to perform a task such as making a cup of coffee or eating a sandwich. The information selectected is chosen to perform a task. The same does not apply to UAP which does not follow the same copying pattern of selection of information by task rather it is randomly arranged by the access of an unlimited potential seen as extreme variability. There seems to be a lack of exact copying much as we experience in a dream state.

This tasking or what is allowed by the environment as a behavior can be copied, or used behaviorally as many times as required. In other words, we use this choice to manipulate physicality in a direct manner.
However the sum total of information  in the mind remains in a quantum state of latency. This reminds me of the nature of dreams which is similar to a quantum state, we cannot make copies of dreams in a classical manner of physics as a task to be seen outside of their environment  which is the mind ,which is in a latent state. On the other hand we can make inexact copies of dreams in translation and one wonders if the observer of both dreams and UAP share a common state that cannot be directly correlated to either the realities of the environment ( the possible) nor to the realities of dreams ( experiencing the impossible).
Perhaps then the UAP phenomenon could also have a key characteristic of being an inexact copy that bridges both the dream state and the waking state that has no task in the pragmatic sense, no purpose other than to be a representation as a projection.

An Autonomic Selection System

. A transient macro-quantum effect? The locality ( context ) of the environment and what is uncertain as to what is witnessed creates an inexact copy of what is anticipated that lasts only as long as a feedback exists which can vary as well as how widespread the consensus of anticipation lasts and it’s strength of force. Hence you have waves of types almost resembling the classical archetypes of Plato that evolve over time. A proverbial mold. I suspect this requires several environmental variables to fall into place like cuts ( geologic atmospheric and other energetic states ) in a key that must conform to the lock that precipitates the event, much like weather preconditions prior to rain  etc.

At best UAP perhaps can be characterized as "like or similar to .."rather than a discrete purpose that we embark on through our existence, full of latent possibilities without a transferable purpose. To be experienced as one would experience a dream whose tasking has no translatable activity to the classical world of physics that we inhabit. It may be a proverbial field of dreams whose appearances are based upon who happens to be looking, or for that matter, who happens to be interjected into such a energetic field.


  1. Interesting!.I once had a dream that,in the corner of my room,I could unzip it enter into alternate reality. Only,in that other reality,I was the UAP! See,as I was able to fly around and observe others on the ground,I too was also seen,an it was rather interesting to see them on the ground looking up at me,pointing fingers and wondering what I was? As I departed,I was able to renter my room and zip up the alternate reality. Feeling fascinated by my adventure,I tried it again,and again,and each time with the same or similar results! I noticed how I could appear here and there,as if a ghost or sum kind of unknown object,and the reactions of the other people in my dreams were almost identical to when someone looking at an unknown object in the sky would react,pointing skyward and asking what is that? It made me contemplate if somehow,we were the observers in sumone else's dream state,and or how the unconscious mind played tricks within ourselves as we observed unknown objects? Is it all consciously connected? Hhmmm...I wonder?

  2. I do think dreams in their functioning have a parallel to quantum processing in that the observer or experiencer is the arbiter of stored information in the mind that does not have to play by the rule book of tasking as seen in classical physics ie: a dream of flying.
    On the other hand I think UAP falls into another category of a similar functioning without direct sentient control. It seems to operate on a platform of social and cultural expectations and then is further individuated by specific observations depending on the individual and their position. An interesting example was the sighting in Illinois of a triangle "craft" that across the board was described similarly by all who witnessed it. However the details of what was seen varied from individual to individual in regard to the same craft. One saw windows all along the width of the rear of the "craft" others did not. Of course then there is the huge variety of forms and shapes of this phenomenon as well as visions of various creatures. The more a common image is distributed in the media, the more the creatures seem to be similar in appearance. The same for craft as a general rule. However like dreams there are no rules of classical physics. They defy them and at the same time cannot abide by them and have no task, no purpose.The phenomenon if anything is a mimic or mirror of anticipation as formed in the imagination, yet is a yet to be determined energetic and environmental phenomenon.It seems to require transient pre-conditions of an atmospheric nature to be observed.