Monday, May 5, 2014

Purposeless Walking

An interesting perspective on human nature as well as a commentary on the escalating trend of equating productivity to materialism rather than toward self awareness. It seems we are heading toward a hermetic sort of individualized bubble on a treadmill. While this view might seem cynical I think it is worth considering beyond who has the advantage in the propaganda wars. All this reminds me of Warren Zevon's lyric:

"You've got an invalid haircut
It hurts when you smile
You'd better get out of town
Before your nickname expires
It's the kingdom of the spiders
It's the empire of the ants
You need a permit to walk around downtown
You need a license to dance"

Of course, then again, social criticism is like shooting ducks in a barrel. It affords a certain self deniability.

The essay is here:


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