Friday, May 9, 2014

Are UFOs Macroscaled Quantum Effects?

“The only way of discovering the limits of the possible is to venture a little way past them into the impossible.” 
― Arthur C. Clarke

In this post I am asking readers to determine for themselves if a theory I have synthesized matches the characteristics of Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon. This theory has been in formulation over a decade in various differing observations but never as a coherent totality. Is the UFO / UAP phenomenon, a macro-scaled quantum event, a result of the entanglement of matter and energy?
We know that leading edge science is discovering new relationships all around us. This concept may or may not explain the reasons why this phenomenon is both transient ( very short in duration ) as well as appearing in "waves" of activity.

This randomness that appears on the surface of their fleeting manifestations may be due to the transience of several factors that must fall into play before an effect is achieved. Their ( at times ) nearly instantaneous appearance and disappearance as well as the impossible velocity of their  movement strongly suggest this  aforementioned concept as well. It would also account for the impossible variety of shapes and sizes due to the social consensus of anticipation regarding appearance creating a macroscaled quantum effect.
If we take into account individual variability in relation to the transfer of inner anticipation superimposed on consensus, these virtual forms of a semi-solid nature ( if we make an analogy) are very much the "things" dreams are made of.

Quantum entanglement is a physical phenomenon that occurs when pairs or groups of particles are generated or interact in ways such that the quantum state of each particle cannot be described independently – instead, a quantum state may be given for the system as a whole. One approach to the UAP / UFO enigma is to consider it to be a transitory quantum effect caused by the interaction of several fields that represent a system as a whole. The word "quantum" comes from the Latin "quantus", for "how much" or how many interactions there are as derived from the original meaning of measurement.
I have tried as best I can to make it easy to read and understandable. I am expressing the very strong suspicion that UAP is a previously unidentified form of transitional energy that arises and is in a feedback loop in conjunction with both an energetic environment and the aggregate sum of the human mind as a energy field. One field is entangled in another.

Science accepts as foundational that all permutations of matter whether this matter has physicality or not has as one of the characteristics of their manifestation is energy.

Specifically, electromagnetic energy. Students of science are taught that energy is transcribed as information.

Is there an intersection wherein energy and atomic structure as well as molecular structure are influenced or steered by the energy of an information field?  A good example is the mind \ brain relationship. Does this occur elsewhere? Apparently it does  in a macro-scaled  manner as demonstrated by scientists  through a quantum entanglement effect. In other words, our natural environment is not a matter of distinct or discrete divisions between matter and energy. This intersection includes various interacting energy fields. One field is our atmosphere, another is the human energy field, both of which contain information as energy.

Jacques Vallee has taken these two accepted postulates as a foundation of the universe is energy as information. Anyone can easily observe our atmosphere is energetic and that radiant energy from our solar star is transcribed into molecular matter through it’s medium. Dr Michael Persinger extends and places Vallee's theory in relationship and within the context of the human consciousness field.

 We also know and can easily accept that the human mind as well as various formulations of animal or non human minds are an expression as well of energy and more specifically we can more easily observe that the human mind is an exemplar of energy and information being equitable, and Dr Vallee has described this relationship as being the same above as it is below, or in other words, information as energy is present in our natural environment as well.

One could also safely say that energy has differing states of physicality as well as saying these states are either in a form of storage, being transformed and exchanged, therefore we could say that this is true for information.

The atmosphere is a medium of exchange as previously noted.

This is the medium by which unidentified anomalous phenomenon take place. Previously thought to be spaceships simply because they appeared as such.

However, rational folks have come to question this concept due to the spaceship’s enormous variability in appearance, their having no discernible purpose, as well as having no contact with humanity. Also noted is that there is no direct evidence found over many decades that these atmospheric manifestations have physicality in their being material.

The manifestations of UAP while not having physicality in it's evidence does exhibit strong electromagnetic force as evidenced in the interference with electrical devices has demonstrated.

I suggest to you that they are information as energy superimposed on the energy field of the atmosphere.
They are not sentient in of themselves. They are sentient in their source as well as the manner by which they have variability which is the human mind as determined by a shared form of coherent energy which is consensus.

As evidence for this, it is well established that their appearance is dependent on the belief systems of whatever civilization has as a consensus of anticipation to observe in their nature and appearance in manifestation. This has been true over a span counted in centuries.

I suspect the atmosphere that is our environment is a energetic mirror of exchanges of energy fields that are entangled, an active, not passive screen.

Consider this, Quantum science has proven that by human observation with inherent anticipation being present which is also a form of energy as information can literally steer the transition of energy while it is between states. The results conform to the specific results that are anticipated. This is by way of input when a specific outcome is undecided in of itself.

What has been anticipated has changed through the centuries and the atmosphere as said earlier is a medium of transforming one state of energy to another.

We know that matter as a form of energy can exist in a transitional state.

We can affirm that the behavior of UAP is descriptive of a state that is neither a solid or simple irradiant energy. They are molecular but organised in a manner not yet recognized.

Note also that UAP mimics weather phenomenon or behavior.

It comes in waves much as pressure fronts create waves of weather.

This may or may not be due to the ever hanging state of the atmosphere as it is influenced by the necessity for pre-existing conditions to be present such as ( as an example) solar or other external agencies to create a favorable medium, This is much like the various series of conditions that need to be present in order to manifest ( for  example) rain. However other factors may be required to fall into play to create these superimposition's as further outlined below.

Note as well that Princeton University has measured global consensus in the human mind as a form of energy that is triggered by cultural and social events. One recalls that John Keel said as much in terms of UAP waves occur when major human events occur.

A comparison...Keel and the concept of a Global  Information Field...Keel is correlating major UFO waves to major events in society which is also a correlation made by GCP as measured by worldwide RNG devices. Is this simply a coincidence?

I am aware that this answer has no details but it is an outline. An outline that is more pervasive and persuasive than another. Our atmosphere is a mirror of the human mind that transforms reflects and projects in a transitional manner, energy as information.

In terms of the degree of strangeness this erstwhile theory which it appears to fit together n assembling various pieces of a jigsaw puzzle to my mind, is far from any definitive answer but I have the suspicion that as well that physics will eventually unravel this phenomenon, not "Ufology" as a social movement. If this puzzle is solved , I doubt it will be solved directly.

More than likely it will be solved by discoveries in other areas.of exploration.



  1. happy Mother's Day Bruce!! Thank you for bringing all this together. It's very interesting, also i'm thinking that the atmosphere is so much more fluid than the ground and other aspects of our environments, this would make these type of entanglements much easier to notice in our time-frame.

    I'll have to think this one over and let it mull before i have anything smart to say about it (ha! don't hold your breath!) but i wanted to thank you for writing this down for all of us and wish you a happy parental holiday Bruce. Take care, steph

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  3. This is an interesting post, Bruce, but I suspect you may have tried to include or associate too many disparate hypotheses together to justify the theory suggested here by you.

    What do you mean exactly by "macroquantum effect," since quantum physics / mechanics relate to, generally, the level of the very small, atomic or sub-atomic. How to you envision or consider that a "macro quantum effect" could create the variegated morphology of UFOs, or the sometimes reactive/interactive behavior they have been observed, both visually and on radar, to display?

  4. The Princeton Global Consciousness Project is a good example of spooky action at a distance that is global in nature as well as scientists have already replicated macro-quantum behavior in the laboratory. As far as GCP it seems to follow a pattern noted by John Keel where major events that are a focus of attention trigger UAP. Of course this post is speculative. Yet I suspect the brain \ mind operates in both a classical and quantum manner that cycles between waking and dreaming states. You probably already know there is a great deal theoretical and experimental work being done on the quantum nature of human information processing in the brain. The forms it takes ( UAP) appear to be rooted in cultural expectations that have changed over the centuries and in our own time ( with rapidly changing technology) it has changed in form from decade to decade. Again GCP seems to indicate a sharing of information as Persinger suggests this is analogous to a computer network. Energy as information or more succinctly as thought itself.
    Again, I am speculating based on common behaviors which in essence are based on spooky actions at a distance. An apt description of UAP.....perhaps.