Thursday, May 15, 2014


Aside from this blog one of my hobbies is the restoration of vintage children's toys.

As a tinkering cobbler of discarded toys that clutter an already cluttered workshop full of various bandages and tools as well as a devotee of the discarded and's always heartening to know there are kindred spirits within the arts and crafts of the arcane. Imaging a couple in full regalia dancing to this brings a smile on a rainy day. To be inclusive, not everything has to be in the present tense and it brings to mind that today's state of the art is tomorrow's attic find. 19th century heavy metal..per the wonderful music video posted below with both a sense of humor as well as irony.

What child played with these now memories held by an adult and what became of that adult? What stories are untold? When I restore these items this art acts as a meditation as well as an act of faith against time,

I ask “What remains and what is seen and what cannot be seen?”

What ponderous image of our own competence weighs us down only to find ourselves smiling at our own naivety that is a double edged sword?

There is a profound innocence in all that is perishably human. Those of us who are the voluntary caretakers of old lost toys to pass on to some adult who was once a child, feels a continuity rather than a break in a line of transmission that is unnamable. The arcane and the what will become arcane is like the shedding of one skin yet to don another,

In all this, it brings a smile in the face of my own naivety that just might be a saving grace.

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