Tuesday, April 29, 2014

A Metaphysical Meditation On Knots

Exchanges Between Two Universes
This video excerpt from a series of an Audiobook published On Youtube focuses on G I Gurdjieff's last tome, "Life is Real,Then Only When I Am" The means by which Gurdjieff composes his creation is interesting in of itself, which seems overly elucidated.
However, this is an intentional technique formulated as if you will, as a form or variant of meditation, meant to have certain effects depending on who is listening. I thought some may be interested in this sample and exposure to a writer who was contrarian to the ordinary.
The employment of making the message more extended reminds me of a test I encountered during my participation in a certain class. I was told to get out my watch and begin when the sweep of the watch hand reached twelve. I was told to try to avoid inner associations ( wandering ) for one minute.
Needless to say, I failed.
The question the test asked for us to determine if we could, what exactly is free will? Is it a behavior that our biology resists? That is the question posed that Gurdjieff addresses in his own inimitable manner. What is the relationship between our inner and outer worlds?


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