Tuesday, March 4, 2014

In Through The Out Door

It’s time to discontinue further posting here inasmuch as I have shared as much of my alternative views on anomalous events as I had in mind. It’s ironic that the last post will appear as the first one on this homepage, or you could say it’s a fitting conclusion to several years of such ironies placed here.
I hope it has been an entertaining and provocative experience for those readers who followed this thread of posts from the previous blog, Intangible Materiality. I have no current plans at this time to dismantle or erase these efforts from the internet.
The impetus for beginning this excursion was my sense that few such blogs really looked deeper into such matters and simply were repeating past theories and recycling stereotypical mythologies as a means to garner interest or attention or simply as an example of cultural lunacy.
As you probably already know this traditional and alternative science has exceeded what became the social movement once called Ufology by light years and what remains are vague or archivists squabbling over minutia endlessly.
Not to say the study of various phenomenon has not been exploited for a few dollars or to attract attention for certain self aggrandising individuals who know no more than the rest of us.
Opinions for the sake of having an opinion.
None the less, there are sincere individuals who do give the mystery of all this, a more sober and creative consideration. Some I have known in the past have walked away or passed away, while the corporate mass media uses these subjects as a mind balm between commercials largely under the broad umbrella of voyeurism that requires little in the way of participation, other than endlessly prompting your curiosity  to purchase car insurance, cable services or anti-aging products.
And so it goes and so it went.
I wish all of you good speed, peace if possible and the best of wishes now and in the future.



  1. Best wishes to you and your family! I for one will miss your posts, but I can certainly understand that the current state of ufology & the study of the anomalous is a merry-go-round that is going nowhere (fast!) and making everyone quite nauseous. Luckily it's a large playground and other games to play.

  2. Well....I'd like to throw my 2 Cents in and that is probably the most money you've ever profited from this venture.

  3. Michael
    I won't spend it all in one place.

  4. Thank you for your service.

  5. Abandoned blogs seem like a (mournful) sign of times, but, best to you in any future enterprises, Bruce!
    However, if I know you at all, you are a writer, and the need to communicate will coax you back into the fray. I'm no critic, but, I must say that it's via your autobiographical bits that you really seem to shine. So, do keep that foot in the door. ;-)

    Note to Sir Michael Garret: Thanks so much for your comment on the previous post; it means a lot to me.
    Re: 2 cents. Actually, that currency is perhaps the most valuable one for a blogger... too bad it's in such short supply! Must have something to do with the, uh, economy. ;-)

  6. I have to agree with Dia that the autobiographical stuff is always enchanting. I wish you would take the time and share your penchant for repairing mechanical toys from days gone by if only briefly. Perhaps a few photos of them as well. I know I would love to see them and hear your thoughts about them and the process of bringing them back to life.

  7. Well, here's my 3 cents worth of encouragement:

    As Dia says, you are a writer. And, a kind of unusual philosopher. I see, in the two posts above this one, in fact, that you are back, which I welcome.

    I also like the "change in gears" effected -- don't fall into what Bullard recently termed the "Fool's Errand" of anomalistics, but don't let it go completely, either.

    Your complex insights into these matters is appreciated and your alternative perspectives are valued, as you often present these fortean issues in a new, deeper way from angles not much discussed, noting connections and positing linkages that are not often made, and which is really kind of inspiring.

    See: http://bit.ly/1igR3vC

    Jerry Clark referred to the content of Bullard's recent Paranthropology article as a form of "Anomalist's Fatigue," and maybe you just need to move on and up for awhile to other, more objective and familiar topics (I'd really like to see some of your tin toy photos, like Michael mentions in his preceding comment, as I'm sort of an eclectic minor toy collector myself), and only return, periodically, to such fortean topics only when you're inspired to blog about them. Shake it up, bounce around, broaden your horizons, as it were.

    See: http://bit.ly/N9FOcl

    I wonder if you might, in ways, some time write about how and why you got to "here and now" from when and where you were at when young.

    It seems you've had a more interesting "transit" or journey through life than most, based on your writing and esoteric interests, and I would bet the telling of some of the tales involved would be most intriguing to your readers here, as others have already noted.

    Just my 3 cents worth...

  8. Steve
    I would say the last few posts on the anomalous phenomenon around us pretty well summed up my current suspicions as well as my perspective on the social movement of Ufology, such that it is. At the moment, those posts were as far as I could go.
    In surveying other blogs ( out of habit) recently, it's extremely repetitious in terms of subject matter. I could see the end of the road especially when my friend who has a well known blog became so erratic, angry and self contradicting that it struck me he was continuing ( in my opinion) simply because he had hemmed himself into a box as well as all this becoming a habit like smoking. If I had continued, I think the whole exercise would have become a self parody as so many are in my opinion as most dialog is pinned by rampant commercialism and the more unfocused and self vested it became a campaign of personalities rather than reinvigorating the subject itself., which then, in turn, became an exercise in kicking dead horses with an over inflated rhetoric.
    I continue to read up on current science and some reports which perhaps wrongly seem to underpin my suspicions that I have already expressed.
    It was nice to have those favorable kudos from the folks at The Anomalist, as I prepared to walk away.
    Life goes on.