Thursday, February 20, 2014

Transient Coherence and Chaos

In Memory of John Keel

John Keel and Jacques Vallee
Did John Keel notice a pattern in Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon that Jacques Vallee later provided the matrix for in his lecture on "The Theory of Everything"? Information as energy when combined with patterns between waves of UAP tied to "tipping points" in history as noted by Keel represent an intriguing matrix of probabilities lodged between chaos and coherence. Does this reflect the state of human affairs in a much deeper sense than is currently considered. Are we the "extraterrestrials"?

Simulations and Transpositions
The demarcation between our inner world and the environment as representing a spatial relationship is self evident. At the same time neither world exists in of itself and is subject to transception. John C Lilly’s experiments utilising isolation chambers was an attempt to create an artificial divide wherein the two were intentionally separated and the isolation of the mind from it’s environs was studied. Interestingly enough, this simulation of a physical divide in terms of it’s effects has some resemblance to Near Death Experience, which some have suggested that these experiential and naturally occurring events represent a spectrum that goes beyond the threshold of death onto a new environment and a subsequent return to the seeming root of the process which is a normal waking state.
What is interesting is that the mind itself creates simulations and the mind works in conjunction with the physical brain in that one informs the other. Again here is an example of transception.
Then there are dream states that are a simulation of a simulation process that occurs in this relationship of formulations derived from physicality without being centered within it, much like the isolation tank experiments conducted by Lilly.
If these simulations that are experiential then perhaps we could consider imaging through the imaginative process to be a intangible sensory organ much like the transception of  taste, smell and tactile simulations, and this processing also bridges the inner world as well as the outer environs of physicality.
Then after these considerations ( mind \ environment, near death \ normal waking state, physicality \ simulation of physicality) are placed as similarities of imaging as well as transception, then we come to differentiation.

Correlations and Consideration
No two dreams are alike, no two individuals experience the outer environment alike, no two individuals experience after death experiential reality alike and yet they appear to share the same processes. Does this represent the vicissitudes of memory in relation to a certain mobility of reality that has more than one point of references?
If we place the foregoing in the context of the attributions of this phenomenon, do we find correlations between these processes and the reported observations of witnesses?
We have a variety of craft, a variety of creatures, a variety of behaviors, a variety of contexts and yet do they have similarities that have been ignored that resemble in a strong sense our own fluid experiential reference points in terms of simulating, transception and projecting the facets of imaging when the inner world and our environment are placed in isolation from one another by  change in state?
Then, if we travel further down this line of reasoning, taking into consideration the concept of global consciousness which could be considered a network tied into individual processing units, do they cohere or become coherent as a consensus by way of imaging, simulation and projecting these shared forms without physicality onto a platform wherein the energetic atmosphere (that global consciousness theory suggests contains this network) that has as an effect of transception in of itself linked to witnesses, much like the spectrum of radio, microwave  radiating energy?
One considers energy as information which can be viewed by turning on your television as analogic to a network of another stripe. What is interesting is that what is witnessed beyond the astounding variety of imaged forms is the root of their contrivance which is our own environment.
What is witnessed are conceptual simulations that are joined at the hip to those witnesses themselves who are exposed to in a waking state to these forms, not from “elsewhere” yet we see individuation of a superimpositions..In other words, there are no extraterrestrials present we can form our imaging from and so we take the materials at hand and create what we would anticipate individually as what would be alien as one would in a waking dream state.
It may come then as no surprise that coherence and chaos are joined at the hip and the inner world becomes the environment as a imaging process that in of itself is based on simulations biologic and otherwise that share modality and yet have neither a set formulation or a repeatability except in a transient wave based on a equally transient input or consensus of anticipation both in a quantum and environmental appears chaotic.
Might there be a transception of networks?

As Above, So Below?
Another words, on a more observable network that is our social environment based on the arrangements of communication as set patterns ( written and verbal) we have fluxes of consensus as well as events that some have labelled “tipping points” and so there was John Keel suggesting to us that our social and cultural coherence fluxes that creates waves of UAP activity in the global consciousness network as it’s sensory simulating component.
Whereas it may be the watchers anticipate and participate unknowingly to create parallel “tipping points” as transception in the global consciousness network.
One recalls his lecture on Fortents and Portents.
Then one examines the results from the global consciousness project that mirrors this same effect based on the distribution of information that creates a shared database resulting from events that are "tipping points" such as 9/11 or the unanticipated death of Princess Diana, While certainly dispartate in their origin or even any valuation we could apply to these shared events they have an impact on the force of energy through the width and breath of their distribution as well as being transient.
One considers that "UFO" flaps are also termed waves or another way to express the same image would be to say, they have a transient coherence.
One wonders while wandering...


  1. Interesting piece Bruce! From childhood to adulthood,I grew up and lived in haunted houses of various levels of activity,from typical casual darting shadows and moans and groans,to more sinister touchy feely,name calling,sitting on the bed next to you,even changing channels on the television!
    Being terrified as a kid of my own house ( a violent death occurrence in our basement) I eventually accepted the fact that I was receptive of the 'energy' that emanated from each home that I lived in! Aside from ghosts and apparitions,sightings and encounters of various types,the plasma displays were prob the most enlightening,to say the least!
    After all said and done,I've reached the conclusion that they were all connected somehow through energy?! What's interesting to me is,when I hear tales of others experiences of "paranormal" events in their homes,I can relate a little more with humor now than when I was a kid,knowing their is thin line between the physical and the spiritual worlds,at least that's how I see it!
    Nevertheless,you do some fabulous writing,and it's always a pleasure to read your articles. Keep up the good work!

  2. Some time ago I did a side by side comparison of ghost behavior to ufo behavior ( its archived here) and the match appears to be close. Of course that is no definitive answer in of itself and it's a sort of Pandoras Box in that the same offshoots of preemptive thinking or foregone conclusions will appear. I saw that Nick Redfern's essay was placed side by side ar The Anomalist to this one and I commented at his site, as to the same cautionary approach that has to be taken. He spoke of "soul collection" and diabetes in conjunction with this angle and for me thats a bridge too far..or several bridges too far to cross at this point for me personally. I suspect a great deal but know very little.

  3. Bruce,if I may,I have a question and would,like your input? I am an amateur photographer,and have taken thousands of photos. Before moving here to Kansas,I lived in Dallas,and had some ghostly activity,from which I suspect we're a couple of playful children?
    A neighbor who lived behind me,his wife became ill and passed away in their home. After my father passed away,I have been able to get some rather peculiar images when taking photos with different cameras. Since I take a lot of photos,in my backyard,being proud of my garden and the handwork,I also have captured some what I would call anomalous objects! My question is this,is it or,could it be possible that the energy from the neighborhood contribute to this effect? Or is it just me,and the anomalies I get are just that,anomalies?
    I have pondered that thought for sometime,the connection between UAP and hauntings,although I've kept that part to myself!


  4. Pavel Chichikov
    4:00 PM (16 hours ago) to me

    Tried to comment on your blog but for some reason it didn't work:

    Different levels of discourse, different worlds, but there is a unity that enfolds all of them into one. Mystics perceive it, but so do so-called ordinary people having extraordinary experiences.

    There was a well-known travel writer who as a young man sailed in the one the last steel-hulled sailing vessels in the 1930s, and while working aloft in a fierce storm in the southern ocean experienced this sort of cosmic unity.

    But then, Arthur Koestler, while waiting in a cell to executed by Franco's forces during the Spanish Civil War experienced something very similar.

  5. “The demarcation between our inner world and the environment as representing a spatial relationship is self evident.”

    As my father aged into his late 80’s and then into his 90’s he had TIAs or what is known as mini-strokes. During one of the TIAs he fell and broke his hip and went into shock. After the hip operation he was in a coma like state for a few days. He eventually returned to consciousness but initially it wasn’t the same state he had been in before the incident. He didn’t recognize or communicate with any of us in the room with him, instead there seemed to be an entirely different cast of characters he was sharing the room with as he spoke with them by name and interacted by directing them in some activity or another. This went on for some period of time until he eventually blended back into a shadow of his previous self but throughout the remainder of his life he ignored any questions that were posed concerning that period of time when he spoke with the strangers in the room. The onset of dementia followed.

    Obviously this was a sad situation for our entire family but I thought it was interesting to point out from the standpoint that in this instance, my father's brain seemed to have created a specific world simulation that only he was living inside of. With his eyes wide open and with the ability to move and speak he was experiencing something that we were excluded from.

  6. My father developed brain cancer that over the course of four months or so had completely taken over his body. He did not want to go into hospice. I came back from Denver to assist with his up my position back there. In the last two weeks or so, he also carried on a conversation from time to time with what seemed to be a group rather than an "individual". He did not want to die and resisted with every bit of energy he had. These conversations with these quasi- individuals became testy..and at times argumentative..."Those damn Jesus people.." he said when asked who or what he was so upset with.
    What is interesting was that immediately after his death, there were several inexplicable events that took place. The smoke detectors would fire off and this occurred after I replaced every one of them. It was exasperating. One day I had enough of this irritating nonsense and out of sheer frustration and a certain entertainment factor. I said.'.If thats you Dad..I will count to three and then you activate them.' I counted to three and they went off. I tried it again. Same result. I shrugged it off but it never reoccurred after I had made my request.
    Other odd events followed for a few days. Others would follow a decade later....Of course my mother and son have passed and.....nothing, no odd events. Sometimes when reflecting back on those events, I wonder if his resistance to death was a factor. I cannot say it was my father's after death persistence that was at play but it was certainly ( for a time) pretty strange.

  7. A note to "Jazzy"...I am not in a position to offer advice on your situation nor would I presume to do so if I had any specific suspicion to offer or share. I could not contribute anything worthwhile to comment upon because I am here and you are there. I did not post your comment because it solicited advice and I do not consider myself to have any great expertise in this, to set myself up as a proverbial "guru"
    Sorry to disappoint you.

  8. Thank you,but not disappointed! Was just wondering if perhaps the whole 'energy',or the surrounding environment lent itself to some of my photo anomalies? It's just curious to me how after my father passed away I started getting the anomalies in my photos. I was pondering wether or not in some form or another,if his "spirit" was showing,or allowing me to get the photos I get? I like to think that in his own way he has shown me tidbits from the other side,LOL!
    What was especially interesting to me was how my mother told me,prior to his passing,he would see and talk to someone who would visit him from out of the closet? I found that rather unsettling,but thought maybe it was part of his bein sick? He was diabetic,but came down with pneumonia,and within a week he passed! And after that,that's when I started getting anomalies in my photos! I've wondered ever since if there was a connection?