Friday, January 17, 2014

Unidentified Atmospheric Phenomenon As Projected Global Concioussness

We appear to have shape shifting plasma like orbs encircling our planet in an odd form of wave activity through the night skies while here on solid ground we have the same phenomenon apparently flitting through walls, doors, etc..a state of perhaps consciousness in a unique form of matter  that bridges the gap between local and non local manifestations. Are they one and the same?

"By applying Ockham's razor to the basic epistemological question 'What is reality?' the Buddhist idealists reach the conclusion that belief in an external reality is a 'superfluous hypothesis'" ~ Philip K Dick, in the introduction to "The Golden Man"

"There are no conditions to fulfill. There is nothing to be done, nothing to be given up.
Just look and remember, whatever you perceive is not you, nor yours. It is there in the field of consciousness, but you are not the field and its contents, nor even the knower of the field.
~ Nisargadatta Maharaj

The old school of thought regarding this phenomenon as the representation of actual craft with physicality remains persistently lodged in the minds of those enamored of scientific materialism and on a parallel path there is a growing body of evidence that in terms of our own species, the projection of consciousness on a non local basis is steadily being verified by experimentation on several fronts.   In addition to this there are some multi-disciplinary schools of thought that have seriously considered the physical brain to be a transceiving organism for the non local basis of sentience itself.

Then there is the matter if UAP is the result of projected non local consciousness, to whom does it belong?
Or is this asking the wrong question in framing it as the implication of ownership may be a result of our projecting our own critical assumptions regarding what appears to be our own situation simply at it's face value?  Then there is the matter of the state of matter we term consciousness in relation to the alteration of it's state on a planetary basis through physical death which occurs at a rate of 56 million per year, 153, 000 per 24 hours or 1.78 per second. Where does this energy transfer and in what state if consciousness, if it is considered a state of matter? 

 If that is so, what of the analysis of results from the Global Consciousness Project? If you are not familiar with Princeton University's program, you cannot understand it's relationship to the subject at hand.

Do these results suggest that a energy field of an unknown nature that represents consciousness in a both local and non local form , a third state that exhibits the ability of self organisation to produce unidentified atmospheric phenomenon? If this energy field exists, it is most certainly being fed at a rate of 56 million formerly individuated fields being released that as an aggregate, perhaps in direct relationship to conscious matter being  entangled in physicality among the living there may be a relationship between the two, as to allow this same matter in a third state to reflect, project anticipations (UAP) that are forever changing in terms of consensus projections in the energetic medium of the atmosphere. Think of it as a medium of transaction wherein two states of conscious matter create a third state that falls into line with what is observed.....a projected state of organised matter that neither has physicality as we define it nor is it stable.

The coherence of local consciousness to non local consciousness in it's two states would be required, and the same sum of coherence would be required as input as an imaging state of organisation would naturally be available if concentrated as a forced field superimposing itself on a global field creating coherent projections that are shared.

There is no purpose other than a state of affairs and the medium itself is the message.

Waves of activity as noted in the Princeton Project may well have a parallel in UAP wave forms in that the total sum of input as a consensus projection may need to reach a certain level of attenuation wherein it is sent as a imaging form of cellular consciousness in a context of feedback, a proverbial bridge of interaction.

Perhaps, perhaps not...

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