Thursday, December 26, 2013

Sidereal Time Versus Spacetime: A Personal Account of An Anomaly

An odd event occurred some days ago that reminded me of a post I had written prior to that event occurring which involved science having confirmed to it's own satisfaction that there are at least ten dimensions to spacetime, and I consequently posed the same postulates to consciousness. Why not?
This post could be a continuation of the last one inasmuch as both are a critique of measurement as more than a tool but as a perennial philosophy. Using imagination as a conceptual platform to launch an assault on rationality as the be all and end all of consideration of experiential realities, perhaps a critique of time itself as a counting exercise is also overdue.
Sidereal time that measures causality as an effect of planetary motion is so ingrained in  experiential definitions of spacial relations reminds me of a sort of quaint constant that that like many constants based on sensory information alone, can lead to the living mythologies of their accuracy demonstrated by the use of atomic clocks as some kind of goofy institutionalized societal lockstep....more related to former agrarian pursuits and now has evolved into productivity for the sake of productivity. A perennial philosophy.
I recall it was Rodney Collin who suggested that within spacetime as an added ingredient to orbital rotation that the circle of sidereal time more than likely resembles a spiral.
Don't get me started on daylight savings time or the invention of time zones whose sole purpose was to keep steam powered locomotives from having a cornfield meet. Pragmatism versus reality seems to be the chapter heading of this subject.
We have all experienced the sense wherein time appears to be accelerated and yet when compared to the passage of mechanical time, the  disparity between the two appears wider than one would think possible as well as the opposite being true where time appears to pass slowly and yet an entire afternoon has vanished.
Of course than it was Gurdjieff who suggested that spacetime is a invention made to delay processes by giving them a multitude on intersecting parallel paths as a delaying process to maintain ( in essence) eternity.
The velocity of a hummungbirds respiratory rate as a spacetime geometry is enfolded into the sidereal respiration of a planetary body or the passge of geological time all of which, as an aggregate sum  compared to one another are not representative of a constant. Of course the measurement of time requires comparisons of a subjective as Einstein said and perhaps as Gurdjieff referred to it as a bending of a medium where the present is allocated to the present and vice versa as a intentional series of impedance.
Then there was the dialog of eventual agreement between Rick Phillips and myself on the lunacy revolving around the concept of "now". One could call this an experiential philosophy.
One morning about a week ago I walked into the kitchen and my daughter began to recount an odd dream involving her brother who had passed away roughly five years ago. The dream was not a visual dream but rather her brother's voice who seemed agitated admidst what could be called signal noise or a bad connection who kept trying to say the same thing over and over without being coherent enough to gain any specifics other than to relate the importance and expressed urgency of someone going somewhere.
 I listened knowing full well I had experienced the same dream at the same time. We then compared notes and it was more than odd that both of us had experienced the same dream without visualizations, revolving around Matt's voice..frustrated and adamant at the same time by the tenor of his voice.
The next day my daughter was rushed to the emergency room where she subsequently spent a week in treatment and recovery from a hidden malady that had suddenly surfaced the day after the "phone call".
How many coincidences does it take for an anomaly? The non local, the local, the same information taking two paths at once regarding someone needing to go somewhere with an underlined sense of urgency?
The measurement of this event would be fruitless and yet as a clue without a grounding rod to connect the dots of causality, it is a demarcation that remains odd if immeasurable.

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  1. I'm glad to hear that your daughter recovered and hope she is doing well!

    Reading the above I couldn't help but compare it to Phillip K. Dick's knowledge regarding his son's hernia...and also John Keel highlighting that often these premonition/warnings only come into clear focus--after--the event.