Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Alchemical Quest of Roswell

Recently the members of a proverbial round table rooted in the metaphorical quest seeking a Holy Grail to unhinge the corruption of the land..in this case the conspiracy of technological science at the behest of militarism, naming themselves the Dream Team have announced the finding of two Kodachrome slides of a alleged "extraterrestrial" that hearkens back to the idealism that imagines a paradise of humanoid extensions of ourselves having mastered the eternity of space and time. A transcendence of  a living creature who is wise beyond our knowledge who possesses mysterious gifts as if we were viewing in a mirror a trans-positioning of ourselves into all the attributes we seemingly lack.

This tale is a metaphorical story line lodged firmly between the 15th and 21st Centuries could almost be likened to the myth made real of sacrificial kings paralleled by the series of assassinations that were strung along  leading from the Kennedy Camelot. A creature who may reform the world with great knowledge and discernment is captured by the keepers of Kafka's Castle..and summarily buried as a threat to their worldly domain of what essentially is shared between nation states and the mob...a protection racket.

Those of us who have been around this block of naive realism more than once immediately recognize that these images are circumstantial to the extent that it will only burden this dead heat of circular debate further with more detritus that has exceeded the scope of anyone to analyse it with a any form of inclusive and conclusive results. 
That being recognized as a common sense premonition of where this is heading, one must ask what the anticipation is...from those who have promulgated it.
At best it keeps the topic in a state of suspension and ambiguity to the point one must ask if it is to keep the fire smoldering with the addition of more kindling, and beyond this? 
I have the suspicion that the progenitors think some sort of bizarre floodgate will open, the Red Sea will part..wherein this is another cycle within a cycle of the same scenario with slight variegation. 
Among quite a few individuals, this search of reliquaries seems quite cult like as an invocation.. the drawing of a pentagram on the floor, burning the right incense and intoning the right language, and an alien will pop forth.
The naive realism of this is striking as nearly everything around their circling of the wagons indicates a complete absence of order to the phenomenon that they are attempting to impose as a sort of transcendent beatification and noble act which in their minds makes them all the Green Knight. Ask yourself, what would dissuade them? Having spent decades reading metaphysical texts, it is interesting to transpose an alchemical quest to this 21st century context full of Kodachrome slides, bending metals, hieroglyphic formulas, visionary witnesses..fitted like a jigsaw puzzle into a spiritual form of idealism turning the base metals of circumstantial evidence into proverbial gold. 

I am reminded of the Tarot card, the Holy Fool..who persists upon insisting the existence of an invisible world. In this case we have the whole process inverted in the opposing direction, to create the material existence of that which remains patently invisible as a truly metaphysical science of hermetics. 
And so they scour the countryside until perhaps only Percival is left as the last man standing.
A very odd corollary of human nature in the material world of what elixirs we seek and for what purpose? 
None that are as pragmatic as they say such reasons are. 


  1. That first paragraph is a knockout, as the kids used to say.

    In my own plainspoken way, I'd say something (which I think is) very similar: these folk are determined to subvert the current understanding of history, science, being, even religion. I've no problem with that. But they seem unable or unwilling to do so head on -- they want to do it by taking a shortcut.

    I've been watching the UFO scene only a short time but I've seen very little discussion of what motivates proponents. I think we agree that it's not dispassionate inquiry.

    Thanks for your analysis.

  2. Terry
    It is heartening to know that there is another sold in the "vast wasteland" who can see through the overly vested game of final outcomes when it comes to the pratfalls of mixed metaphors turned upside down as some sort of evidence that we can reform the waning tide of the Empire's corruption by proverbial magic tricks so old and hoary, they should be removed from the family refrigerator...as that green mold might be an indicator of too late, too little to digest as any form of sustenance for reviving the spirit.