Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Part Two of Musical Anomalies: Reginald Robinson

Reginald Robinson is onstage surrounded by a symphonic jazz orchestra about to perform in concert with musicians encircling him, his composition of what is for him a living genre despite the fact it had expired in 1917 when it’s originator succumbed to tertiary syphilis. Ragged time or Ragtime as it was synthesized by Scott Joplin in the bordellos and domesticated with the passage of time is, by most, a reliquary placed under glass within a curio cabinet..the very essence of an antiquarian and arcane skeleton. Reginald has no regard for these pigeon holes much in the manner of the previously posted blog whose subject was Sun Ra, who could be considered in relation to popular taste, a musical anomaly and yet gifted with originality, a attribute that appears to be rare, especially now. A composer of Ragtime in the 21st Century is a distinction made manifest by the absence of this art form from everywhere you care to mention outside of African-American history, and yet there he is, and the musicians are on hand to follow the charts he has arranged.

A further distinction..Reginald is a self taught composer.. 

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