Friday, November 15, 2013

Of Advanced Civilizations and Ufology

What constitutes an advanced civilization? Of course this is a game of comparisons played by those as  card in what remains of Ufology which has descended into the proverbial act of reading tea leaves based on their premise that their basis of comparison of such an advanced civilization compared to ours is always made in technological terms, which says a great deal about the observer than it does about the observed.
If, as some have suggested, such as myself, that the whole of this subject is precognitive sentience based on upending rationality at the behest of logic to deconstruct the parameters of our orientation, then it should come as no big surprise that what is reported is always a chimera based on a technological series of non verbal communications, that are painted in our mind's eye as the work of a intangible surrealist.
In short, the fulcrum of our comparisons become manifest and yet, these manifestations due to the fact that they follow our own parameters has created a cult like following that images alone constitute an "advanced" civilization, as perhaps the most preeminent case of self reference we can observe in the paranormal which even this term is looked upon as smallpox to be avoided at all costs when communicated to those up to their eyelids in this technological defining of advanced when they mistake the yardstick for the reality or the old axiom what is described is not the object itself. This discernment lost on them.


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