Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Imagination And A Singularity of Being Toward Becoming

Is consciousness a form of dark matter that is a singularity?

That possibility remained with me after waking this morning from a strange dream that was striking. We take it for granted that consciousness is individuated due to the nature of how  it is expressed, but  as I have learned from experience taking any critical presumption at it's face value is fraught with inconvenient holes through which all sorts of exceptions enter to play havoc with the self comforting notion that some factoids are irreversible,that the behavior of experiential reality is written in stone like commandments.
The question that this dream \ simulation posed is the potential existence of a state wherein consciousness in all of it's forms is not individuated in species or by expression, rather it is a ground level zero point form of dark matter that seeks expression in formulating questions in as many means possible to determine what it may be. by the use of a materialized mirror as an isthmus of self reflection through as many recombinant observers as unalike from one another as possible to create as many forms of reference as possible.

All of this could be likened to the reciprocating levers and drivers of a reciprocating locomotive differentiating evolution and by doing so, this dark matter expands it's own knowledge of what it may be.

If this dream had to be named, I would probably call it the root of expression.
As far as our own shared orientation that we, in turn share with other species the most apt image I can muster is that of a tree which in it's existence ,bridges two modal realms of soil and atmosphere while belonging exclusively in it's grounding to neither environment of sustenance.

Of course, all living things can be classified by what they eat and what they are eaten by, but this morning , in terms of our own species, I ponder that what I experience is food for a ground zero form of singular consciousness, that as a dark matter only on the surface of these matters, appears to metamorphose it's forms of expression as a variegated multiplexed, sphere of observational eyes and ears that attempt to seek a coherence we can scarce imagine, that comes to me as imaged by the form of a geodesic frame.
Are we too hung up on modality versus it's root of expression? One language versus another and yet they all convey the same information as an expression using differentiated pointillism.

Once again, I seem to be travelling along some mysterious pathway to a far land of less limited possibilities in terms of their consideration, all brought forth from image-synthesis or plainly put the strange gift of imagination that can reconfigure them. Once again I am reminded that the term of imagination is used almost exclusively to denote fantasies. Yet, there is a core and what I believe to be a core foundation parallel to evolutionary processes. One could ask from whence geodesic mathematics arose?

Imagination seems to be a chess game where the markers are not only moved but the squares themselves are reoriented to provide the aforementioned expansion of the points from which we can observe. I do not think for a moment that imagination is simply fantasy.Imagination helps make knowledge applicable in solving problems and is fundamental to integrating experience and developmental learning processes. A basic training for imagination that is relegated to a low valuation is to absord stories  in which the exactness of the chosen words is the fundamental factor to "evoke worlds".It is a whole cycle of image formation or any sensation which may be described as "hidden" as it takes place without anyone else's knowledge.

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