Monday, September 30, 2013

An Electromagnetic Needle In The Thread

An EMF Coincidence In Anomalies? 

In my essay regarding what I termed "Non Material Extraterrestrials" this theory suggested that EMF was a thread that connected such disparate phenomenon such as crop circles (microwave), anomalous atmospheric sound disturbances  (cymetics) as well as other aspects of a advanced nature using the same principles found all around us specifically those found in communications systems. 

If this theory is correct would there be potential evidence that these unusual energy signatures create physiological effects in a close proximity to witnesses and observers as a strong possibly in relation to a broader spectrum of effects.
There are two known categories of EMF radiation. One being non ionized radiation has sufficient energy only for excitation, the movement of an electron to a higher energy state.,and the other is ionized radiation which is kinetic to the point of being a much stronger field.
Interestingly the effects of ionized radiation is relegated to the proximity of apparent anomalous vehicles while in flight, while non ionized fields appear to be confined to being in proximity to anomalous creatures rather than the stronger field that would be produced by such a vehicle. So it may be we have a correlation between the strength of these two fields and the level of exposure, which, at first glance, appears to be a match.

Is this simply coincidental, or, is there a series of clues as to the nature of these experiential anomalies yet to be determined?

Another Coincidence Atop Another?

 The scientific community remains in a quandary over the effects of non ionizing radiation resulting from exposure to electromagnetic fields and the list of possible effects includes headache, eye irritation, dizziness, nausea , skin rash, facial swelling, weakness, fatigue , pain in joints  and/or muscles, buzzing/ringing in ears, skin numbness, abdominal pressure and pain, nose bleeds, breathing difficulty, and irregular heartbeat. Additional symptoms have been reported in some individuals such as paralysis, balance problems, body and/or muscle spasms, convulsions, confusion, depression , difficulty in concentrating, seizure, sleep disturbances, and memory difficulties. 

In researching EMF field in relation to alleged alien abduction scenarios as well as close encounter scenarios, some common biophysical effects include paralysis, fatigue,migraine headaches, ringing in the ears,confusion,  eye and skin. irritations, nausea, difficulty in breathing sleep disturbances, electrical malfunctions in proximity to the witness and nosebleeds.
The nose bleeds are puzzling although they are cited in non fortean cases of EMF exposure, but without the necessary details for which, at the time of this writing, for which I am still searching.That being said, the closest match in terms of rcognized causes for nose bleeds are inflammatory infections

Is this connection to known physiological effects due to EMF and those of close encounters with anomalies simply to be dismissed as coincidental? 

Yet,on a more accepted level within the scientific community,it is thought there may be a linkage between cell phone usage over a long period and biophysic effects on the human body, and there is an increasing  focus of genetic susceptibility to these fields. There are simply too many citations to list here concerning EMF physiological effects. One example is The American Academy of Environmental Medicine (AAEM) which released a position paper on EMF and radiofrequency (RF) health effects saying they recognize that patients are being adversely impacted by electromagnetic frequency (EMF) and radiofrequency (RF) fields and are becoming more electromagnetically sensitive.
EMF exposure has been the subject of a World Health Organization global summit regarding how to address a currently unaddressed phenomenon in relation to these effects requiring further research.

Ionized EMF Effects On Electrical Devices

Anyone who has researched unknown aerial phenomenon is familiar with another form of EMF radiation in regard to it's ionizing the local atmosphere resulting in various malfunctions of devices that utilize the same effect by tightly controlling it. This effect has been seen in the malfunctions of everything from radios, car ignition systems, battery operated devices all the way to missle control systems.
 This effect is recognized by the scientific community in relation to radiation hardening which is the act of making electronic components and systems resistant to damage or malfunctions caused by ionizing radiation (particle radiation and high-energy electromagnetic radiation), such as those encountered in outer space, high-altitude flight, around nuclear reactors, particle accelerators, during nuclear accidents or nuclear warfare.
Most semiconductor electronic components are susceptible to radiation damage; radiation-hardened components are based on their commercial equivalents, with some design and manufacturing variations that reduce the susceptibility to this radiation damage.
This appears to be yet another example which not only ties to the associated physiological effects of these fields by their strength but also fleshes out the connection between the two, bearing in mind we are not dealing with simply material objects as my theory suggests, but rather a form of sentience that presents itself as an energy signature.

Field Strengths and Parabolic Waves

Measurement of ambient temperature  relies on combined effects of radiation, humidity, temperature and wind speed and of course this leads to another factor in the production of any effect and this has been the subject of a variety of such effects on living organisms. Weather conditions may play a role that has yet to be correlated to these anomalies in relation to EMF.
One might consider the parabolic waves of anomalous activity in this regard ( which we already know to be localized and transient) to be the result of amplification by local weather conditions.

Manipulated Plasmas and EMF

This will be a subject for the next post...

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