Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Out of Darkness:Parapsychology

After publishing a post on Arthur Koestler, one of the founding fathers of PSI Theory, I thought it might be interesting to post a "then and now" comparison that takes us to the present day.

It takes a certain temerity to set as a lifelong goal, the measurement of the incommensurable, but then again this is what all of us do daily toward the experiential stereotypes we all are meshed without the benefit of divided attention in most cases, that would allow us to gauge our own states while being drawn toward others.

Can the ontology of the egg be divided from the chicken?

Our own personal processing of energy as information has been suggested by Dr Persinger at Laurentian University to be a parable of being interconnected a macro-processing that occurs in it's working comparable to a networked subsystem in a transpersonal manner. This was termed transception by the late Dr John C Lilly and later, expanded upon by Dr Vallee, as reported here in the term "the physics of information".

 I consider Dr Roe as well as the aforementioned explorers of the parallel realities we inhabit, to be an example of the quiet courage that accompanies those who venture into darkness.

A darkness we inhabit.


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