Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Frameworks of The Incommensurable

"The study of human psychology is the study of abnormal psychology"
-G.I Gurdjieff

This insightful essay by Jasun Horsley published in Reality Sandwich ( link below) tackles the subject of anomalous experiential realities and the crucial difference between focusing on what was experienced versus the how and why of such experiences, which has been the subject of many a post here, using the platform of theoretical conceptual realities to explore them.
Jasun details the dangers of a common phenomenon in our culture, which, of course, is something Plato would refute, that is, to take experiential realities of the anomalous kind, at face value, into a series blind alleys of a psychological nature that are all based on a vested interest, a weakness of human psychology that cannot accept the incommensurable, and, as a result, imposes an imaginal framework to, feed their own quasi participation in which by the second hand nature of such reports, they are voyeurs.

This is something for some that is difficult to accept. I highly recommend this essay as a thought provoking, good read.
The only qualifier to this essay I would add is an observation from yours truly, that once again, many of these insights relate also to prosaic belief systems in general and once again I suggest without the normal there would be no para added in the ways that have been superimposed in the past, such as Demons, Greys Fairies and the like. As Jim Morrison noted, this imaginal framing leads to "weird scenes in the gold mine", that, taken to extremes, takes the Everyman into the netherworld of denial and role playing, each with their appropriate costumes, psychological or material..a sort of existential stance based on denial that, as I mentioned in a previous post we fail often to notice our dictionary is full of holes and that referential language is a world apart from what is being described..and yet the imaginal psychology materializes before as us a  costume ball, or worse...

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