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A Death by Synchronicity and The Conscious Universe

A Conscious Universe and The Death of John Mack

“We know that attention acts as a lightning rod. Merely by concentrating on something one causes endless analogies to collect around it, even penetrate the boundaries of the subject itself: an experience that we call coincidence, serendipity – the terminology is extensive. My experience has been that in these circular travels what is really significant surrounds a central absence, an absence that, paradoxically, is the text being written or to be written.” 
― Julio Cort├ízarAround the Day in Eighty Worlds

When I reread this post, it 's focus of enquiry seemed vague. When I heard of the circumstances of John Mack's death, I had the unsettling feeling that there was more to the story than simply an accidental death although I had nothing to base this on and the early reports had the facts wrong. The sense was not one one of unfounded and free floating paranoia but just a sort of inexplicable sense that there was a deeper backstory, whatever that backstory would be.... and it would be as odd a mystery I suppose as any death could be, but there was something else...What I am now interested in is meaningful coincidence the the possibility that this phenomenon had a role to play in this, which is known as synchronicity. That being said, how may synchronicity work if it does occur? 

Theology Versus The Incommensurable
If we take away all the anthropomorphic bias projection and the inferred pats on our own egocentric backs from the term God which seemingly represents a humanoid deity that considers each of us worthy of a somewhat controlling personal relationship in human terms, what are we left with?  We would lose this shared sense of being personally connected to the universe simply based on the human authorship of theology, as a series of tribal psychologically driven buffers against experiential reality which has no one spokesperson elected or chosen to explain the complex, the subtle as well as our own self deception to us, as if we were children.Yet we are connected to the material universe as well as it's mirror of organised coherency in the energetic sense, as I said several years ago that the universe utilises us to learn what it's nature is as we use the universe to discover our own. It certainly is an entangled relationship. If you go back and read my review of Phillip K Dick's Exegesis and the backstory behind VALIS  you know that one concept that Phillip and myself share is the conceptual model of a conscious universe. This is also a concept explored by Dr Persinger at Laurentian University, whose scientific studies of the paranormal have been noted here many times as well as Princeton Universities many scientific studies of global consciousness and the human skewing of probability in the aggregate sum.

"Here is a story worth sharing. We often speak of the universe being a reflection of ourselves, and point to how the eye, veins, and brain cells mirror visual phenomenon in the universe. As above so below right? Well check this out. How about the idea that the universe is a giant brain? The idea of the universe as a ‘giant brain’ has been proposed by scientists and science fiction writers for decades, but now physicists say there may be some evidence that it’s actually true (in a sense).
According to a study published in Nature’s Scientific Reports, the universe may be growing in the same way as a giant brain – with the electrical firing between brain cells ‘mirrored’ by the shape of expanding galaxies.
The results of a computer simulation suggest that “natural growth dynamics” – the way that systems evolve – are the same for different kinds of networks – whether its the internet, the human brain or the universe as a whole."

The Physics of Anticipation and Expectation?
Then there is the strange tale of the death of  Dr John Mack. If you skip to page two it seems we have a possible case for his death being one of meaningful coincidence filed under a strange synchronicity. Mack's fascination with the phenomenon of what is labelled alien abductions was replaced with an equal intensity regarding the survival of consciousness after death

From the article:
"In Newport with the other experiencers, a Tom Hanks look-alike who wanted to be known as “Scott,” the way Mack referred to him in Abduction, remembered their last meeting at Cuvelier’s villa, in the summer of 2004. Mack was excited about his new book, on the survival of consciousness. Scott confessed his own fear of death. Mack reassured him. “You never know when it will be your time,” he said. “We could all go at any time. I could walk out on the street and get hit by a car.”
Raymond Czechowski, a 50-year-old computer technician, had spent three-and-a-half hours at the Royal British Legion, a military charity in north London, planning the latest poppy drive to aid the troops, in the course of which he downed five or six pints of shandy—beer mixed with lemonade and ice. Then, on that mild, clear Monday night of September 27, 2004, he pointed his silver Peugeot north and started driving home.
Just ahead, shortly after 11 P.M., in the north London suburb of Barnet, John Mack climbed wearily out of the Underground station at Totteridge and Whetstone. His talk had gone well, and many in the audience had brought copies of his Lawrence biography, which they asked him to sign. He had also spoken about the death of his father, Edward Mack, who, 31 years before, almost to the day, had been driving home with the groceries to their summer home in Thetford, Vermont, when his car collided with a truck. In London, Mack was staying with a family friend, Veronica Keen, a widow who told him she had been receiving messages from her deceased husband—more evidence, Mack thought, of survival of consciousness. She had said to call her from the station and she would pick him up, but Mack decided to walk. He crossed a divider and stepped into the busy street. His American instinct was to look to the left.
Czechowski hit the brakes, but too late. Mack’s body flew into the air, shattering the Peugeot’s windshield before traveling over the roof and landing heavily on the ground. He just stepped there, bang,Czechowski told the police, who registered his alcohol level at well over the limit.
Mack never regained consciousness. From a crumpled paper with an address on it found in his pocket, the police learned his destination and his identity."

Indeed, perhaps "He just stepped there. Bang" but as with so many meta-novels which seemingly always have an inevitable  twist, this slim volume with the subtitle of the survival of consciousness after death is slid back into archives of Borges Library in the Crimson Hexagon.
And as all the volumes have a variability of misplaced periods , a missing word, lost adjectives or a missing paragraph,  only to be found somewhere in the vast genetic code of a Conscious Universe,....
The volume entitled Dr John Mack remains indecipherable, intriguing with an odd theme of meaningful coincidence. and as the old bromide suggests, it may be true to be careful what you wish for.  Or then again, perhaps not.

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