Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Is The Anomalous The Holography of a Polyhedron?

“If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is, because everything would be what it isn't. And contrary wise, what is, it wouldn't be. And what it wouldn't be, it would. You see?” 
― Lewis CarrollAlice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass

“Information is a difference that makes a difference.” 
― Gregory Bateson

Disturbing the symmetry between more faceted and less faceted dimensions of space-time ( rather than higher vs lower, which to me as always a misapplication of three dimensional language) perhaps is a key feature of anomalous events, what Einstein termed "spooky action at a distance". This interlocked faceting of space ( which we also mislabel as time which is not a reality in of itself but rather a measurement of space) may provide, in the future, an understanding of why some anomalies (1) Are semi-solids (2) Are hybridised variations of the familiar (3) Are often nonsensical (4) Can manifest and evaporate faster than the blink of an eye. (5) Are often experienced as "recordings" of past events. Sounds much like Psi-Gamma and Psi-Kappa co-joined at the hip.
The observer effect in quantum physics may explain the high levels of variability in seemingly borrowing one's own set of internal references that form expectations and anticipation much like a organising principle  that in interaction with more complex dimensions, creates a mirroring effect, as I have suggested as the source of EVP recordings, some UFO phenomenon perhaps even so called demonic manifestations ( as unresolved emotional conflicts) that resemble the ghost characteristics shared as key features between them, placing them more in the category of PSI events than literal interpretations that get entangled in the vicissitudes of memory and language. 

We recall the term sacred geometry which as a sort of odd framework that easily degenerates into various belief systems, but nonetheless has at it 's core the hybridisation of Euclidean geometry with the Pythagorean  extensions of it's principles into the equivalence of scales that Brian Wilson has at the core of his "Good Vibrations", or I suppose, another case may be "bad vibrations". Again the intermingling of various dimensions of space as a sensory intuition, which also somewhat relates to so called psychic phenomenon, or the reading of a local environment toward a more complex spatial relationship.
Physics enters this geometry of space by walking into our three dimensions with a polyhedron in hand, saying, in effect, "Look what I found! Is this it?"  
In geometry, a polyhedron is traditionally a three-dimensional shape that is made up of a finite number of polygonal faces which are parts of planes; the faces meet in pairs along edges which are straight-line segments, and the edges meet in points called vertices. Cubes, prisms and pyramids are examples of polyhedra. The polyhedron surrounds a bounded volume in three-dimensional space; sometimes this interior volume is considered to be part of the polyhedron, sometimes only the surface is considered, and occasionally only the skeleton of edges. Sounds a lot like holography, doesn't it.? Perhaps the White Rabbit of Lewis Carroll's foray into dimensionality that leads us into the worm hole, is not a rabbitt at all.

A polyhedron is said to be convex if its surface (comprising its faces, edges and vertices) does not intersect itself and the line segment joining any two points of the polyhedron is contained in the interior or surface.
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I think what is interesting is the subject of traversing space, and in terms of physical space, this capability of ours by various contraptions is a relatively new tool making innovation.

And of course we have innovated on this aspect of tool making in regard to transversing physical distances, rather than spooky action at a distance by our venturing into "space" which as a term in the context of this post seems more than a little ironic. Whether it's the now discarded Space Shuttle or robotic contraptions on the surface of Mars, in our material world, these are considered great leaps forward, and yet we know very little concerning the space we occupy as well as perhaps the ones we intersect with unknowingly. In our young species history as compared to one's that may be over a million years old, perhaps such mechanical devices seem hopelessly crude, as the transection of space may include the utilisation of their minds harnessed to an environment we can scarce imagine. This topic brings to mind the advice of the late Dr John Lilly who suggested that we 'Design like you're right; listen like you're wrong'.



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