Saturday, May 4, 2013

A Review of The Secrets of Antigravity Propulsion by Paul LaViolette Ph.D

This exhaustive survey of the intriguing experimental attempts to harness this force by the physicist Paul LaViolette is an excellent example of how a poor choice of title would lead one, at first glance, to dismiss this  summary as the work of a crank, and yet, nothing could be further from the truth regarding it's contents.
For the hardcore UFO aficionado, there is enough material here to open the door to their much beloved theory of nuts and bolts aerospace anomalies, on a much more grounded basis as well as prying open both the difficulties and possibilities of harnessing gravity.
Many of these experiments proved to lesser and greater extents, that this is possible simply by the results that were obtained, but in all cases gravity is a force that is yet to be tamed in the sense that the results can be potentially fatal, and, one senses in this the reasoning that all of the military industrial attempts at application are held behind a cloak of security. At the same time, one can easily surmise where conspiratorial lunatics such as Lazar and Greer purloined their material and came to ridiculous conclusions.
LaViolette lets the reader decide for themselves, if these brave pioneers of science by uncovering intriguing results by the use of high voltage, innovative capacitors and phased microwave fields have inadvertently led some credence to what observers have been reporting that have been dismissed out of hand, as being impossible and yet what some experiments have revealed is that impossible is an uninformed opinion that is definitively not shared by the aerospace industry.
A wealth of footnotes, photographs, illustrations and charts accompany the text.
One of the major issues that Laviolette brings out is the overwhelming competition between nuclear research and anti-gravity research, which, at least publicly the nuclear aspect from purely a pragmatic point of view, wins hands down. Another issue is being able to control what has been harnessed which can lead, as he has cited to the entire works exploding. One further barrier to a successful application is that some of the research required has no application for use, outside of the larger aim of gravitational propulsion.
This fascinating tome also reprints letters and correspondence form Townsend -Brown as well as opening the closed doors that hid Project Skyvault. From Tesla to microwave conjugation, LaViolette leaves no stone unturned. This a book I highly recommend that adds a comparative basis for one's own analysis of unidentified aerial phenomenon.

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