Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Energy as Information and Death

I came across this recording of Carl Jung toward the end of his life and after watching and listening to this balancing act that can be more likened to his voicing his suspicions rather than set beliefs, left me with the impression that this would be a fitting epilog in yet another medium to the last post entitled "Neither Living Nor Dead" regarding the mysteries of information in all of it's modalities, material as well as immaterial.
One could liken this to the relation between the cryptic and cryptology, as well as the manner in which we imagine various states to be with dealt with by repeatability and stereotyping as our adversarial stance against the unpredictable. Depending on our experiential references as a skewed barometer, it can be one or the other, but more than likely it is not fully either intent nor chaos that incorporates multilevular processing of the transformative milieu of being continually in a flux.

Inasmuch as Carl Jung no longer exists as he had and we have this mimicry of life at our disposal, through this digitised copy ( less a myriad of dimensionality), we take for granted that the dead can  speak to us indirectly, much in the manner I have suggested previously, in a cellular rather than sentient modality.

Instead of the localised coherency of  being enfolded into other environmental information, that can possibly be accessed to the neither living nor dead memory of organised energy we term "information", we simply press the "enter" button or "click" on arrows. Crude mimicry but effective perhaps as a metaphor for the last post.

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