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The Broadcast Medium of Quantum Television

The Provocation of Anomalies: Differentiation and Pattern

Logic will get you from A to Z; imagination will get you everywhere.” 
― Albert Einstein                                                                                                                                 
"Thus we cannot escape the fact that the world we know is constructed in order to see itself. This is indeed amazing. Not so much in view of what it sees, although this may appear fantastic enough, but in respect of the fact that it can see at all. But in order to do so, evidently it must first cut itself up into a least one state which sees, and at least one other state which is seen." -G. Spencer Brown

Wave and Form: The Visible As A Broadcast Medium
“Information is a difference that makes a difference.” 
― Gregory Bateson

What we see all around us is perhaps a non verbal dialog between the seen and the unseen that results in our own adaptation as a transience of a distinction. One that is falsely designated. . What appears to us as a steady state of affairs as in the objectification of energy in predictable forms akin to stereotypes are eternally being retooled, recycled and re-tuned in a quantum dance of  a chameleon where the nature of the reception that receives this broadcast of waves formulates the modalities of what appears. The most solid objectified material we can experience peculates behind the senses as Einstein famously discounted the veracity of terming anything a solid object. No such thing will ever exist in anything other than a temporal state of storage, exchange or informational fluidity. A game of interpretability is a relation between the differentiation of pattern that expresses the possibility of interpreting or translating one modality into the other and then there is the distinction of mutation in adaptation as a reconciling , yet transient principle of form. The effect versus causation. A fossil is a good example of this as the effect of a transience  that yet can be placed into a context of interpretability..between pattern and differentiation. A realm of mutations.

We are no exception ourselves, although the sleight of hand created by the minds simulations of continuity steer us away from experiential anomalies that contradict the biological senses. A certain twist in our biology is always serving our environment's needs, the urging and compulsion to procreate, to wage war, to dream...only rarely does this biochemical writ becomes fluid in the anomalous experience, and calling this all a coincidence being the result of knowing very little beyond our  somatic tunnel vision. It's as if our planet would prefer us to ignore the rapping at our door, while we sit entranced in front of our stereoscopic television sets being pushed and pulled this way or that..

And yet our tunnel has been also enmeshed by the symmetries of the dimensional qualities of space using referents as a gauge of measurement. The asymmetrical is a anomaly in nature as well as a straight line inasmuch as space tends to be curved by this or that as attractors in the storage of energy. The bi-folds of our dimension is best perhaps represented by Ouspensky's example of a tree in terms of symmetry..As in G Spencer Brown's observation, we seem to experience distortion as well as clarity in terms of the minds ability to simulate the environment as we seemingly are positioned between the image and the mirror.

Our pixelations as transceiving simulations wrought from the mind have buried within them perhaps a subcarrier wave  from this network that has with it, a subliminal message that the medium in of itself is the message. Certainly compelling yet an extremely narrow bandwidth. The screen is fraught with ghost images, intermittent reception, scrambled dialog, nonsensical messages non linear plot lines due to atmospheric distortions within the brain cavity due to the storm of autonomic impulses that continually erupt in a proverbial pinball arcade. Call it signal noise. The over talking of associative babble, the biological compulsion to chatter to oneself into a dreaming state of proportional vividness leaves few, if any gaps to cognate what is not immediately apparent. If one explores this territory, in terms of relationships, an astonishing reality emerges, we imagine relationships that are enfolded into images. In other words, you cannot experience another person directly in a relationship and so you and I imagine that person. Whether our dreams may have some foundation in repeatability, from this perspective, seems to be beside the point of recognizing just how powerfully our environment suggests to us, and we in turn conceptualize models of relations without knowing what they truly are.This is a much deeper territory than simply semiotics. It's where we live. 

Again, the dualism of chicken or egg formulations as to the nature of consciousness remain fraught with dualism. The brain chemistry theories of Oliver Sachs "Hallucinations" is re-digested by Paul Devereux by way of the link below. Paul suggests biochemistry is simply one color pulled from a spectrum and that chemistry is more of a vehicle than a root cause to dismiss the anomalous. To take Sach's premise to it's logical end result, the neural net is akin to the wires or chips of a electronic device being sentient in of themselves. Certainly, transmissions can be scrambled, however what is at the heart of all this is modality rather than root causations.

We can see the wine in the bottle but our corkscrew rationality cannot wrest the cork form the bottle. It could be the reason for this is we are within this bottle ourselves, limited to a naive pragmatism, a provincial soap bubble of an equally grand illusion, Readers of this blog know of an interest in Dr Persingers experiments at Laurentian University that explore environmental anomalies which are the other side of Dr Sach's coinage. One could call anomalous experiential reality a mutation and we are hopefully all familiar with the concept originated by Darwin that mutation is a drive of evolution.

Quantum Television
“Anyone who lives within their means suffers from a lack of imagination.” 
― Oscar Wilde

The visible as a broadcast medium, a sort of television of energy or a quantum film where what we see is not only edited by the means of reception, we can only see a mirrored reflection as a material manifestation when the medium becomes coherent by adapting to the spectrum of energy analogous to wavelengths.

You cannot have more than what you already have in hand to receive it whether it is a planet or a human being. The desire to have a high definition receiver as a evolutionary trending toward more sophisticated instruments seems to be stalled biologically in the early era of radio programming wherein one some days the reception is masked by high static noise and all we receive are messages bounced back from the moon dating to 1937. Perhaps we need a SETI program geared toward the nature of self awareness being entangled in more than one dimension..

The Rewiring of Choices
“Reality leaves a lot to the imagination.” 
― John Lennon
The valuation of the level of self awareness seems to be apparent in increasing or a decrease in the capability of a mind to attenuate itself. In other words, rewire itself. Perhaps, in other words to become distinct from the limitations of simply being a medium to having choices, that in turn beget  a wider bandwidth of potential as also analogous to a capacitor in the storage and transformation of energy , which interested Rodney Collin's work, and was also touched upon by G Spencer Brown's "laws of forms" which focused on distinctions as an arbiter of realities.

The Image and Imagination

Can an image(s) rewire the mind? In other words, create an intermediary state of unique  potential materiality that is also a potential medium to conceptualize the expansion of choices and therefore be more open to a wider bandwidth of the broadcast medium? The manipulation of images seem to be a pale lifeless imitation as a human behavior that reflects an inverse programming. To influence choice rather than to expand it. Many a metaphysical text refers to a sort of contest over this capability between the pathology of control to limit choices in opposition to opening them. Yet what is being influenced is not visible in of itself, which is the attenuation of receptivity to what may be that is not yet capable of finding a host to adapt itself to. Neither a chicken or an egg. Wave and form. Image and imagination as a key feature of how we rewire ourselves either by choice or by default by having no one occupying the drivers seat. A sort of cellular intelligence.Even in a vegetative state, the human mind rewires itself to adapt to new circumstances becoming something else entirely.

The Artists of Evolution: Creating New Distinctions
In other words, we may be limited by what we cannot imagine and yet there appears to be influences that attempt attenuation to transform what we consider possible, where even the clever hoaxer who congratulates himself on playing a trick on the mind, may be simply a pawn of forces larger than he can himself imagine by the deconstruction of the possible. Perhaps the word for this is Art rather than science. The Artists of hoaxes and the artists who attempt to envision what is seen by their own mediumship whether by pointillism or cubism or surrealism, or Photoshop by the manipulation of images and the imagined may serve an important force in evolution. In this context whether the object can be proven to exist is entirely beside the point. What I am addressing is the multiplication of distinctions that are instructive as if art in of itself is an internalized mirror of a quantum process. Is it real or is it imaged? It may be an isthmus of forces that are much larger than the capability to conceptualize it's influence as a broadcast medium. Then there are crop circles...a non verbal diffusion of mimics and the mimicked, images without a language and yet are a expression of ordering as a musical improvisation upon the adapted fixated paths of nature also subject to if to point elsewhere, and where elsewhere resides is neither here nor there through the quantum broadcast medium of a proverbial television. The pen, the stick, the brush has mutated. Energy itself as a hand to foment a differentiation of "how things work". All of this has been misplaced, perhaps predominantly lost as an observation buried in the psychological mythos of extraterrestrials, hoaxing mimics and largely self referential signal noise. A sort of consensus mind balm.

Buried in all this is the distinct possibility that we as receiving what are senses are capable of observing may have altered in relation to what we bring forth as conceptual models to allow our anticipation to match what is sent in a form of a new broadcast medium that is both material and non sensible, while remaining exempt from both as being defined by either localization root of an identifiable origin. Whether this possibility exists is outside the realm of what we do know versus what we do not in terms of being steered by images and imagination, pattern and differentiation  as Bateson noted “Information is a difference that makes a difference.” regardless of not having a utility in terms of a phenomenon being anthropomorphised as a tool rather than a medium that represents a phenomenon that appears to be non causal to our own orientation directly in any traceable manner and yet there it is.

Free Will Vs Sinking or Swimming In A River of Energy
The division of attention is could also be called the multiplication of attention. The question belongs to Ouspensky who asked if one can be aware of oneself while being under the influence of what is seen, as drawing a distinction between what is observed and the observer by the observer monitoring the bridge of being influenced or directed by images, and being aware of how these influences interact with oneself as a distinction, or is the observer simply being played as a medium like a associative and cellular player piano.
Again we have choice as a open ended wavelength to be attenuated by our capacity to separate ourselves from the proverbial flow of the river of energy within a certain spectrum that passes through us..Perhaps free will is a sort of potential rather than a given. What of the end product? Is one aspect of the human being's purpose is one to create not only distinctions, but by doing so, attenuate energy is a profoundly unique manner, therefore being more receptive not only to the broadcast medium but attenuating the medium itself?
Returning to the subject of patterns and distinctions being prone to mutations, the language of a non verbal yet sensory experience is music, the attenuation of wave energy upon a canvas we inhabit as atmosphere which is never directly observable. The musicality of the non verbal as a carrier of a unique new distinction, something that is innovative by way of reinventing old terms both in image and energy formulated to become simply a provocation rather than a coherent statement.

A Mirror Genome
The cartography of a hidden landscape that may be a genome of exchange that is broadcast through a mirror. Perhaps the art of creation is one of exchanges that create mutations, that in turn alter the genome.
Differentiation and pattern come to mind as being two sides of the same coin and ourselves occupying a unique position in a unimaginable process that fuels our own art of imaging what may be and thus being transformed by transforming a pattern by differentiation. Perhaps all of this are like the branches of an invisible tree whose roots are positioned into waves and the leaves of which, we see around us in this broadcast medium of what may be as translated by ourselves and our world as hosts and participants.

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