Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Intermediate False Sums and The Transitions of The Transitory

The Tail of Divisional Multiplication.

This post is about the codification of transitional states as steering mechanisms. If this were a zen koan perhaps it would say something like "to be literate is the height of illiteracy" My favored pet and personal antagonist once again becomes grist for the mill.  To say that looking at a musical score is to experience music and yet largely, this is one of several chief features of my fellow transitional states having names like Bob or Katy through the "human condition." Lets go sit upon a ledge and dangle our feet in the air observing the ground our fellow inhabitants trod upon in a roundabout, as well as the resulting traffic, all moving with codification having become realities, which hide in plain sight. The Janus face of the paranormal and the normal. Certainly as one physicist observed perhaps as a species we cannot cope with uncertainty and so we all sit atop platforms we have borrowed without any valuation of where these sign posts lead us ultimately as predictors of future barricades set against transitional states. Then again. is metaphysical materialism a reflection of scientific materialism?

“Those who know do not speak. Those who speak do not know.” 
― Lao TzuTao Teh Ching

“I would like to write a Book which would drive men mad, which would be like an open door leading them where they would never have consented to go, in short, a door that opens onto reality.” 
― Antonin ArtaudSelected Writings

One could say that there is a mirror effect between the aims of Taoism and Surrealism as their mutual aim is to pull the curtain back from codification. Zen much like Buddhism pulls apart the daisy chain of codification and then there is the disruptive fallacies of organic substances like LSD and so forth that create caricatures through the metaphors of the precepts they are based upon.  Of course there is the delusion that enlightenment is a steady state and so forth and so on.

We all have innate and latent predispositions almost as if they were default steering mechanisms. In metaphysics they use the term essence as if one ground down all the constituent aspects of a flower to determine a scent, rather than a dissection of the various relationships of a flower's individuated components that comprise appearance, behavior, subsystems, food input, transforming quality and the end product being seen as a singular manifestation. Of course then they went further in attempting to simplify essence into dynamic principles that were imaged by numerical relationships such as the number three representing a triad of dynamics that were thought to be universally applicable. The reconciling principle, the  passive principle and the active principle. Of course transpositions were made into negative, positive and neutral dynamics much like alternating current.


However, the visible geometry of relations transposed into symbology represents the same illiteracy of all referents in that language and math constitutes as conceptual models of the dynamics inherent in any transitional manifestation represented falsely as a sum.

A very good example is what is termed as the "magical arts". This geometry of dynamics resulted in everything from five pointed stars to circles to squares being seen as symbology or referents having a active quality in of themselves. I can draw the aspects of a transformer but what I have created is a representation not the transformer or it's qualities and relations but rather a simplified image. To think otherwise that the drawing itself contains this capability is lunacy and yet conceptual representations have a steering effect into an almost delusional state of mixing oranges to be the same as apples when the manifestation is not a fruit of either.

All three of which, it was supposed to be a sort of necessity to create a transitional manifestation in a material sense in the correspondence between the visible and invisible realms. One could perhaps call this the essence of life as manifested between the sun, the earth and the moon but then there is the microcosm of an ant or a  whale or a human being all busty transforming this or that, always into something else all together just as human beings have their behavior dictated by a default directive that results in fire building or stealth aircraft. The work being done in a sense is both servile and selfish at once depending on what chair you occupy to observe this flurry of activity termed life, yet this relationship is in essence, indivisible.

"One of the problems of taking things apart and seeing how they work - supposing you're trying to find out how a cat works--you take that cat apart to see how it works, what you've got in your hands is a non-working cat. The cat wasn't a sort of clunky mechanism that was susceptible to our available tools of analysis."
Douglas Adams, Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Then there is the numbers game exemplified by the term quintessence, or the number five, meaning that five interactive components are required as a more pronounced manifestation of stepping up of latent energy in the environment to produce a refinement of its energy , much like a electrical transformer does. In metaphysics this has a image associated with it. Of course then there is Pythagorean calculus that is an attempt to make this indivisible. relationship between the invisible and visible, divisible.
We can see this in the technological sciences today as a compounded proposition, which by necessity as a material science rather than one of mind exploring the mind, works relationships from the material base number system into a quantum delimited potentiality.
What is missing is nameless, to be determined much like waking up in the morning not knowing what will transpire although we have a sort of plan and a sort of state, and a sort of list of errands most commonly dictated outside ourselves much like the relations in the number three, we are reconciling and yet certainly we are not passive in doing so as a equally sort of sum that = represents. Odd.
Like language perhaps, math is oriented in a sort of misstatement of relationships where the context of symbology assumes and much more, dictates the result. Think of this in a quantum sense as the skewing of the observer effect, effects creating effects. 
Who is minding the store? Apparently..no one. Who is sitting still for their portrait? Nothing is.
Is a name what it is being described? As a sum it can be but then again all sums are active and not passive.
Not surprisingly I think of the paranormal observer as an effect that creates a sum based on a equation of transitory relationships that outside of math or language as symbology acts as a feedback loop that transforms the one who is transforming as an effect in of themselves. Not a simple language, and yet the language used to describe paranormal events reminds me of a child's naive reality made into rules that create, in turn, effects that are somehow wrapped up in a impenetrable bubble arising from elsewhere, wherein, in reality the paranormal is the essence of transition.  It could be Chapter 24 but who is counting the ratio of aspects to the jigsaw when someone is coming and going without their work?


  1. Fantastic thoughts as always, Bruce!
    I have some catching up to do - you are definitely my favorite "paranormal" theorist.
    I hope you are doing well my friend,

  2. Thanks Devin. I was thinking today of how much our minds have been hacked from the very beginning and yet so much thought has to go into undoing what has been done. In terms of the paranormal we accept that division from the normal in terms of describing anomalous experiences, and yet I don't think that is an accurate portrayal inasmuch as it is not a situation where there is some impenetrable divide between the two. It seems that in every anomalous experience that has a minimum of clarity, one mirrors the other. It seems we have been tied into a rope trick where the best we can do is wriggle and squirm to untie ourselves.
    Best Wishes