Friday, November 9, 2012

A Matter of Mattering: Stardust and The Microcosm of Observation.

The articulate nature of this video interview with Edgar Mitchell reflects much of the probing in the form of exploratory posts I have placed here as well as in the past, specifically drawn out at Intangible Materiality.
Earlier today, in this same context, I had spent some time ruminating on the nature of our own nature and what drives some, ( or perhaps more accurately), what compels some toward such a interest in the poorly termed subject and entangled sociology of the para-normal . Call it loaded language versus non verbal experiential reality. Mind the gap.
 The only other terribly wrought term I can think of as a comparison is Ufology, which continues digesting itself in a zombie form of sentience, in an afterlife of blurred and failed distinctions, while the clock advances the hour.
Perhaps it's time for a post mortem examination, not so much toward others and what they did and did not do, but rather why does any of this matter at all at a deeply personal level, which ironically empties toward the trans-personal. Perhaps a door opens when we leave our baggage at the door, but of course, this is easier said than done in the context of an intellectual intent and, as Edgar Mitchell suggests, perhaps the rational mind is simply an afterthought, a post-editorial  quilt written with the dust of our personal concerns as being the arbiter of any valuation.

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